Confessions of a Color Lovin' Palette Junkie!

9:17 AM

As promised, here is way too much information about my addiction to palettes (all photos are clickable). It's a long and littered road.....

Lipstick or Stealth Palette
Business card included for scale
Stealth Palette closed
This is the Stealth Palette, formerly a lipstick sampler from Trish McEvoy. I use this when I'm sketching out in public and don't particularly care for anyone to know. It is the size of a thick credit card. I spray painted the mirror area with white gloss enamel for a wash area.
Angora Palette
Business card included for scale
This little palette was given to me. The paints that came in it were like chalk so I tossed 'em and put in my preferred colors. Since it didn't have enough wells, I altered it by adding my own. The top was painted with white gloss enamel to make it easier to see the paint colors in a wash. If you look at the lower right hand corner, you'll notice the broken corner. That's one of the downsides to plastic palettes—they do break! (But it's still functional!)
Daler-Rowney Palette
Empty and Unaltered
Altered and filled!
Since my waterbrush would not fit in the palette and the space was going to waste, I decided it needed to have paint in it. So I created another nine wells. These are quarter pans—one half of a half pan size. This is a great palette for quick sketches on the go, but is limiting if you try to use it as a plein aire palette where big brushes and puddles of paint are important. 
Altered Quarter Pan Palette
Note the "legend" of paint names in the upper lefthand corner
This is the palette that appeared in this post. It is also a quarter pan palette that I altered to add more wells. The two middle rows were open space. Since the palette is only 2.25" x 3.25,"(about the size of a Sucrets or Altoids box) no self-respecting brush was going to, more paint wells. Unfortunately, this is a no-name palette. It is cheaply made as well. It is a knock-off of an old Winsor and Newton bijou box from well over 50 years ago. You will occasionally see one of the old WN's on eBay. (I've called the shop where I bought it and they currently do not have any in stock. Nor did they know what I was asking about. I'll check again in a month or so to see if they have received anymore.)
27 Half-Pan Palette
This is my favorite workhorse palette (for out on location) and it's about to undergo a change in colors and layout (swapping out some of the half pans for wholes). It was one of those palettes that used to have tubes in it. It had brackets spot welded into the bottom of it...until I decided they needed to leave. And what do you know—27 little half pans fit very nicely in there and there's still room for a brush! This is also a cheap knock-off, no name deal.

If you remember, I decided to use these smaller palettes as a way to use some of the exotic (and not so exotic) paints that I just had to have and then never get around to using. And for that purpose, I have to say these palettes are wonderful. Besides that, they just make me happy 'cause they're so darn cute!!

I have to stop now (even though I haven't exhausted my supply) as I've noticed a look of concern on my husband's face....he has no idea........hee.............

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