Things I Love About Autumn

5:45 AM

Handbook Watercolor Journal
8.5" x 3.5"
I love the Autumn season for the gifts it brings in the way of "fallen" treasures (leaves), glorious color and the cooler temperatures. I also love the way soup tastes once the weather cools off. My mom is the champion soup maker of all time (in my book)!!

One of my very favorite things is herbal teas. I get rather tired of drinking coffee all the time so I start mixing it up with various teas during the fall and winter. (Oddly, I don't care for tea in the spring and summer unless it's cool.) I don't particularly like strong coffee or tea. I think it's mostly for the warmth. And now it's also for the sketching possibilities!

I was looking around for something to put in my loooooong format sketchbook when my mother called to tell me she had some soup....if I wanted it. While on the phone with her, I started sketching the tea bag that I'd set aside. It proved to be rather fun and challenging. When I started sketching the bag, it was to kill time while on the phone. I didn't really intend to put it into the sketchbook, let alone paint it.

Since I'm sure I'll have plenty of "specimens" in the coming months, I see more of these on the pages to come!

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