Making a Holiday Card

3:13 PM

Jacqueline of Art in My Heart asked how I created the snow effect in the new blog header. Here are my steps:

1. As this piece of art was created for the purpose of using it as a greeting card and I may change the greeting on the front, I opted to use Photoshop® to create the greeting rather than paint it in as I normally do:

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To answer your specific question, Jacqueline, at this point the snow is either the paper left white or a Uniball Signo White Gel Pen—these things are pure magic! Available from and You can try other white gel pens, but there's NO others on the market (that I've found) that are as good as these pens!

2. Once I have it scanned and in Photoshop, I add my blog name rather than a holiday greeting:
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3. Then I add "snow" to the top of the letters using the copy and paste feature in Photoshop. A long process to be sure. By the time I was done, I had over 100 layers in this document:
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4. Once I was happy with the letters, I added an overall layer of snow. Again, this was done by copying and pasting various pieces of snow from the log, the top of the birds heads, etc. I would twist it in different directions or flip it upside down so that it didn't look the same:

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And that's how I've created the new header! Because the art is untouched, I can add various sayings, ornaments or whatever my heart fancies rather than recreating each piece from scratch!

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