The Practice is Paying Off

7:20 AM

Peppers Five Original Watercolor 
on 140 lb. Saunders Hot Press Paper
100% Acid Free
16.5" x 6.5"
(The red border and watermark are not on the original artwork)

$125.00 + $10.00 Shipping

I was recently asked, " I know you can paint, but what I don't get is why you're trying to paint fast. What difference does it make if it takes 15 minutes, 50 minutes or an hour and 50 minutes?" Good question!

As I have mentioned before I am a s-----l-----o-----w, painter. It takes me forever to paint anything. I love details and I tend to get mired down in them way too early in a painting. When you start painting details too early, you lose sight of the big picture, lose the details in the layers and they have to be repainted, and this can lead to losing that fresh, clean look.

I am also very conscientious about edges, drips, splatters, etc. which slows you down considerably. It gets to the point where even I become bored with the painting and I run the risk of not finishing it. There is also that thing called confidence that can really slow you down too. Painting slow is especially harmful if you're trying to make a living at your art,  you're not finishing paintings, and you have nothing to sell.

All of my little daily exercises are my way of practicing speed, accuracy and staying away from the details until it's appropriate to paint them. They are intended to be "good enough" to capture the essence of the subject, and still maintain the freshness of the painting.

The painting above is a result of my attempts to become faster - I painted it yesterday afternoon in about 3 hours! And that pleases me no end! I tried two different versions of this painting in October and both took me the better part of the day and I would not post nor attempt to sell either because they're not very good. One is not even finished. 

In an effort to sell more work I've decided to make the work available on the blog first before I list the painting over on my website. This won't be everyday, but I want to give as much exposure to the new work as I can. So if you see something you like please let me know! 

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