An Bloggin' Bloggy Award!!

6:01 AM

I have been awarded an award by Lori from Twin Cedars Drawing Board blog! Lori is one of the nicest bloggers I know. She helps folks who are out of work and creates art when time allows. I hope that you'll stop by and visit her blog and check out her work!

Now, I'm suppose to tell you seven things I love. So here we go in no particular order:




Bird eggs and nests!


Bird Feathers!




The sound of a creek or river rushing over rocks!


A fire on a cold winter night or just about any other time!


And last, but not least . . . .

Old watches and pocket watches! Oh, and chocolate!

Now, I am suppose to tag seven other bloggers but the problem with that is most of the bloggers I now have been tagged. Several times over. So, I am not going to tag anyone (sorry, Lori) and hope there are no evil curses for not tagging others! What I am going to do is recommend you visit the following seven blogs for a great dose of creativity!

Thanks again, Lori, for the award!

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