Glory Days

4:09 PM

Whenever I paint something and it doesn't turn out, I often hear Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" playing in the back of my mind. I can't help but wonder about all the what-if's and what-might-of-beens IF the painting had worked out. And of course, the one that failed is always the one that would have taken best of show - LOL! Hope and dreams - it's what keeps us going.

The image above is about a 10 x 4 inch area on the right side of the painting. It is two dogs looking out from under an old ragged, weather-beaten, paint-peeling, old fence. This photo was taken mid-way through the process - before disaster struck. 

I am not showing the complete image nor the finished, botched image because I am going to have another go at this with the hopes of getting it into another/later show. Sometimes shows will not allow you to enter pieces that have been "published" and that includes electronically. It has something to do with it being your work with no input from others, etc., to help improve the image/painting. 

The deadline for this show is on top of me and I won't have time to get a new piece painted, framed and shipped. So I blew this one. However, on a positive note, I am really very pleased with parts of this painting - especially this guy's nose and parts of his fur! There's a looseness that I had not been able to achieve in prior attempts. It reads as a nose, but all the details are not there, just the impression. Same with the fur. 

There are always lessons within failures - usually, my most valuable ones. I do want to try more animal paintings soon. Now, if the dogs and cats around here would just be still . . . . 

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