Just When Things Were Really Starting To Happen . . . .

5:22 PM

. . . . my left brain woke up!! My right brain has been having a blast the last week or so. I'm not sure why my left brain hasn't gotten involved before today, but I wish it had stayed sleeping a little longer! Of course, I had to laugh when I read Kelly's comment:

"You're very brave to do this. I don't think 
I could create on the fly like you're doing!"

as it seems that just about now this whole thing is spiraling out of control, and here I've put it up on my blog for all to see. What WAS I thinking?!! Actually, Kelly, doing the creating on the fly really forces you to make a decision and go with it. Kind of like making it the right decision if it doesn't happen to be the best choice at the time (although you usually can't tell until you far enough along that you can look back in hindsight). It also makes it fun, it challenges you to get waaaaay out of your comfort zone and you quit agonizing over the little things. Usually. 

BTW, Kelly has a great blog with absolutely beautiful images of all kinds of birds - pop on over to Red and the Peanut for a great treat!

Today has been a parade of little things. Like every time my brush touched the paper it seemed I made a mess, nothing looks "right" and in general, it has been a one step forward, two steps back kind of day. They happen. So, from all this you've probably gathered that the really, really big change I mentioned yesterday is not going to show up today. 

However, I do have a treat for you. We have a "guest" artist appearing today! This guest is none other than my husband, Chris, who has also gotten caught up in the Choco saga! It never fails to intrigue me to see how differently artists interpret the same word. When Chris saw my post about the gang heading off to the apothecary, he had his own ideas on an apothecary:

The Apothecary (above)
The Apothecary Shop (right)

Chris is a very accomplished artist and these were done to illustrate where he would take the story line if he were doing the writing. You see, he's very concerned that someone is going to try to steal Lumen and he thinks Choco should be better prepared. I keep telling him the watch is magic - no one can steal it. Of course, he's still a 13 year-old-boy at heart, so let him have his fun. 

When I commented that this probably wouldn't make it into the story, he asked what MY apothecary was like. Being flip, I answered, "Cute and fuzzy!" Moments later he walked in and tossed this piece of art on my desk:
"Is that cute and fuzzy enough?!"

Thanks, Chris, for filling in for me today, and with any luck at all, we'll have an update tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

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