It Was Worth A Shot

6:21 AM

Watercolor and Ink
Handbook Watercolor Sketchbook
3.5 x 8.5 inches
Something happens to my brain when I start to add text in outline form....I forget how to spell.

I guess because I'm seeing shapes and not letters. Still nursing my headache from the weekend, I decided I needed some color. Lots of fun, bright, bold, obnoxious color.

My neighbor's amaryllis are blooming with lots of vibrant reds. Since they were so handy, I decided they would do the trick. I went with a gray outline of J. Herbin's gray ink to begin with. After splashing color around, the gray didn't quite show up as much as I had hoped.

Then I decided to add the word "Amaryllis" at the bottom. Despite having looked the word up (just to be sure) and having it displayed on the computer monitor as I was adding it (just to be sure), I misspelled it. I had "Amam" down before I realized my mistake. What's with the brain freeze?!

So then I was going to feature it with the word "Amam-oops." Didn't like that. I thought I could lift the gray as it's not permanent ink.

It didn't lift. Not completely.

Decided "oh, well." Got out the black marker and outlined everything including the proper spelling on the word "amaryllis." Yes, the mistake is still there in all it's glory but is slightly less noticeable.

Hubby looks at it and says "Shouldn't that be a 'y' instead of a 'v'?"

Time to turn the page. Next......

UPDATE: As of this morning, Tuesday morning, I am headache free! Yay! Thanks everyone for your concern!

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17 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Well, I kinda like the error of your ways - it's human, it's you, it's honest. It doesn't detract from that glorious sketch either.

    Isn't it strange how we use different sides of our brain and one seems to override the other at times!

  2. I am always misspelling things when I know better. I didn't even notice. As they say, get the first and last letters correct and few will notice. Soothing thoughts to your sore brain.

  3. Life's frustrations are difficult to avoid. Not a problem. It's still a very pretty picture.
    This must be a charactaristic of age. I find I am constantly questioning my spelling these days and keep my 1984 edition of Webster's handy!

  4. There, there... the colors are brilliant and it sounds like you had some fun along with the correcting of spelling. Did it make your head feel any better? Your post made me smile this morning, so it made MY head feel better.

  5. Thanks, Gillian! I guess it does have to do with using two sides of the brain. Mine need to learn to work in tandem. This gets embarrassing.

    You're right, Lisa, no one notices, but me.

    Katie, are you trying to say we're getting older?!!! Heaven forbid!!

    Glad you liked it, KJ! I am better today, thank you.

  6. I can't believe you did this while you had a migraine. Not only can I not paint or draw or focus on anything but my spelling would dive overboard too. I think you did really well. I tend to rush in and do my writing without the aid of pencil or ruled lines and I am always off-kilter and should know better but I keep doing it. I love the bright colors and agree with Lisa, I don't overlook at a word, looking more at the image, so if the letters that are there let me know what it is, I'm good to go. What you should do is write somewhere in pencil that this was done while you were suffering a migraine. Then you can not be so embarrassed to share it with anyone - which you shouldn't feel anyhow. Glad you are feeling better.

  7. Join the group, Laure! This happens to me frequently... and calligraphers do it all the time... the right brain takes over and it is the shapes not the spelling that matters. I will post something and then when I see it online, will find the "error"...but is it? I think not, it is a mark of my right brain being creative and having fun!

  8. Nobody likes a smart aleck husband.. LOL. I am still chuckling. Sometimes I think our brains just take over and do their own thing. It's just nice to know others do the same thing, but its still a charming drawing.

  9. Laure. LOVE this page. I mispell on journal pages all the time. I just embrace it now. I think the left brain just shuts down and the right brain enjoys the feel of the brush or pen and doesn't really care about spelling.

  10. Timaree, I don't know that they're migraines....I just know they're bad and they wipe me out and they generally leave when they want to. I don't use rulers either. But then I like the wonkiness of this type of work!

    Elizabeth, you may be right! It's just my brain having fun annoying the dickens outta me!

    Cris, he said it in good fun KNOWING I had just screwed up the spelling. He makes plenty of the same type of mistakes, so he'll get it back eventually! ;•)

    Come on, Donna, 'fess up! You love the red!!! LOL!

  11. So glad your headache (migraine or not) is gone. I love your flowers - they're just so vibrant! Don't feel bad about the misspelling - we all do it on occasion.

  12. I should be so good that a mis-step with the spelling is my biggest concern! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Well,if you hadn't mentioned it, I'd never have known, Laure--this is gorgeous! What a wonderful spread, and I would never have been the wiser if you hadn't said something.

  14. Thanks, Cheryl, it just gets away with me when I do it!

    Ah, Jeanette, you sell yourself short...your work is fabulous!

    Thanks, Sue, I suppose could have kept quiet, but that didn't feel quite right.

  15. I love you, Laure! My kind of girl! Great piece!

  16. It's gorgeous! I saw the gray letters behind the word "Amaryllis" and I thought you put a shadow effect on it. Looks like it was meant to be!

  17. I love the look of text with watercolors. Great colors too!


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