A Cool Bloggy Award!

10:16 AM

The lovely and talented Carole from Carole's Creative Corner surprised me with a "Stylish Blogger Award!" Thank you, Carole! Carole lives in Australia and has many diverse talents including painting, zentangles, photography and cardmaking. Please stop by and check her out.

And you know these awards always come with a "to-do" list and this one includes liking back to the giver, listing 7 things you don't know about me and passing the award on to others. The official "to-do" is 15…I'll probably pass it on to 5. So here goes....

1. I was raised on a strawberry farm.

2. Lime green and purple are my "power" colors. Whenever I am faced with a tough day or need cheering up, I almost always reach for green or purple in my closet. These colors make me happy thought I wouldn't call them my favorites. I have many, many favorite colors.

3. I don't much care for the taste of bananas and specifically don't like banana pudding with vanilla wafers.

4. Many long years ago, I thought I would be a pastel artist rather than watercolors. I loved the saturated colors that pastel provides. Just not the dust nor the mess.

5. When Chris and I married, we spent our honeymoon meandering around the state of Florida with no reservations or plans as to where we would go. In fact, there was only one destination and that was an antique flea market! One of the best trips we've ever taken.

6. I love old watches. There is something about the old watches that touches me deeply though I cannot say what or why exactly.

7. If I had to name a favorite fruit, it would have to be………blackberries. Did you think it would be strawberries? They're okay, but left to my own devices, I will generally pass them by. My grandfather grew blackberries when I was little. Sometimes he'd let me pick berries with him. I'm sure on those days his yield was a little low as most of them never made it into the bucket!

Now to name the other recipients.....

Myra of Simple Inspirations - this woman is a master magician with a sewing machine!
Elva of Elva's Field Notes - this blog is a treat…to read, to see the sketches, to experience nature through Elva's eyes.
Jacqueline of Art in My Heart - delightful art, fun tutorials and this woman is going to France and Greece on painting holidays and you can go with her!
Cris of Cris, Artist in Oregon - such gorgeous photos of flowers, birds and a life well lived. Always fun to visit!
Gillian of The Fading Rose - you never know what she's up to, but you can bet it's going to be fun as she's a very talented artist and photographer.

I do hope that you'll check these blogs out as they're all a lot of fun! Again, thanks, Carole!

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12 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Bravo and so well deserved :) Such great picks to pass this goodie onto.

  2. Wow.. Thank you Laure. Loved reading your list. You would love it here. We have some major black berry bushes near by & a small one in our front yard that we go blackberry picking off of every year, and all we have to do is walk up the street to them. Con can never get enough. Are we supposed to answer come questions too?

  3. Thanks, Pam, I should have added your wonderful blog to the list!

    Cris, the instructions are to thank and link back to the giver of the award, place the award on your blog in a post, tell us 7 things about you that we don't know and then pass the award on to up to 15 people, linking to them on your blog. Does that help?

  4. Oh how FUN! Just when life seems to be a bit mundane - leave it to Laure to spice things up! What an honor! Thank you Laure for including me :)

  5. Hi Laure, your blog is so deserved of this award and I'm glad you have made it fun and participated. Your readers will enjoy learning those little extras from you. Now we find more interesting blogs to explore; thanks for sharing.

  6. Congratulations on the award! Your blog is a bright spot in my day, and I enjoyed learning some things I didn't know about you.

  7. Congratulations and very well deserved!!! Also, thank you so much for my award too! THAT'S TOO COOL!!!

  8. By the way...I didn't know you grew up on a strawberry farm!! Yet another new "Laure fact"!

  9. No, no to being on the list... I still haven't done the to do list required from the Beautiful Bloger award received.... dare I admit to.... last year from Elizabeth Smith! I'm honored to have received it but never could sit down and write 10 things not well known about me. Hmmmm perhaps I need more down time :)

  10. Laure, how do I get that cool award photo to put on my blog?

  11. Dragging worked! I have never done that before!

  12. Thank you Laure, for the wonderful award. The compliment means a lot. I'll post the award on my blog when I get a moment to breath, hopefully this weekend.


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