A Day In The Woods

9:16 AM

Woodpecker—anyone recognize what kind?
Red Stags and Doe
(Stags are still in full velvet)
I had the opportunity to tag along on a wild boar hunt this past Saturday. My camera and I were quite busy with all the various creatures to be seen.....
Sweet Fawns
(Safety in numbers!)

Wild Boar Piglets

I thought I would get in more sketching, but it was not to be. Once again, I am reminded of how quickly animals move. Especially skittish ones. The page above shows a combination of deer and pigs. The numbered sketches are the pigs. Most of these sketches are an "amalgamation" of several different animals or from memory as these critters were not still more than several seconds at any one time.
Watercolor and graphite sketches
in Handbook Watercolor Sketchbook
3.5" x 8.5"

I quickly realized if I was going to get any watercolor sketching done, I was going to have to find something that didn't move quite so fast. I finally settled on these tree stumps as more my speed. They primped and posed ever so kindly for me and for as long as I needed. In fact, they're probably still standing there primping and preening.

The top stump was about 4 feet tall and had been drilled repeatedly for bugs and other delicacies. The second stump was nearly 30 feet tall, but as you can see, the bottom is being chewed away, then another section above that and finally, the actually width of the tree. It will most likely fall with the next good blow we have.

The two fawns at the bottom are part of the group from above. The littlest one kept behind the others and would peek over their backs to see what was going on as her curiosity would get the better of her fear.

I came home with a massive headache bordering on a migraine, a sunburn, and many photos to play and practice from. Hopefully, you'll be seeing a little more work based on those images soon.

More info on Wild Boar can be found here.

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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Wild boar hunt? Wow! I never knew so many wild animals roamed the land in FL. Cool!
    I do better with stationary subjects too.

  2. Wow--what a day. Sounds like quite the adventure. Hope you're all recovered today!

  3. It sounds as though you wore out all your grey cells ... but saw a lot. I think the woodpecker is a "red-belied woodpecker." Don't worry that you can't see a red belly ... it is just a blush down low.

    ANd you did see wild pigs! Wonderful. I knew I wanted to be part of your expedition.

  4. Sounds like fun except for the headache part. Being out in the sun enough to get burned, did you drink enough water? I don't feel thirsty but still get dehydrated and that causes my headaches for the most part. Still, you got a cute sketch of the piglet and those fawn are cute! Interesting subjects that finally sat still for you. That is certainly my speed! Looking forward to seeing more and hope your headache went away before it turned into a full blown migraine.

  5. ...making the most of every opportunity I see; that would be hard sketching moving objects for sure.

  6. Hmm I was going to say the woodpecker looked like a Red Shafted Flicker but those are more western birds. What a fun outing.. sorry it ended with a migraine. maybe to much bright light. Look forward to more drawings.

  7. My husband the birdwatcher thinks your woodpecker is a red-bellied woodpecker too. Sorry you ended up with a migraine - I know how bad those can be. And being in the sun a long time can certainly give ME a migraine. You got a lot of great photos for future reference, the little piglets are cute, and I like your tree stumps - nice of them to pose for you!

  8. I am all about sketching those not so shy stumps. Amazing that the fawns and piglets were close enough you could even get photos. I hope you are feeling better by now.


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