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Chris and I had dinner with my parents a week ago and my mother gave me these two drawings she had found in the very back of a closet in my old bedroom! I was stunned to see them....because I didn't recognize either of them.
Unfortunately, I have little recollection of either and since I didn't date either one, I have no idea how old I was when I created them. I know there mine though, at least the top one, because it has my initials on it. Talk about a blast from the past.

And humbled to see where I was and how far I've traveled.

It surprises me as well that I have little memory of doing these...not the thoughts behind them, why I chose to create a mouse or a cowboy, why I chose to use graphite and colored pencil, nothing.

I expected some flood of memories to come back, but there was none. I suspect the top one is from my years in art school—a long time ago. The bottom one is on notebook paper. High school or early days at college? Dunno. It definitely appears to be done by a younger me.

What I do recognize is a beginning. Tentative maybe, grasping certainly, but a beginning.

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  1. It is always surprising to me when I see something from my childhood that I do not recall. I am always complemented now for having a great memory, but that obviously does not pertain to my long term.:(

    I love looking back at artist's work from their youth. It is exciting to see glimpses of who they were going to be. The farthest back that I have is college. But the difference between then and now is amazing, but my style is obvious in all of them. I guess some things never change! ;)

  2. Gee I purposely try to forget some of my young early creations. LOL but that first one shows how much you liked critters. In looking at the second one on lined paper I am thinking grade school doodling maybe during class..: lol. I know what you mean tho.. it is Fun to see older work and compare it to now.

  3. I wish I'd drawn as a youngster, but I didn't. I think the little mouse is adorable.

  4. Interesting how that works. I think it is fun to have a tiny bit of your beginnings. It looks like something I might do. Ha..

  5. These are so neat! I have some of my old drawings and painting from high school, and they are actually better than some of the stuff I produce now! Isn't it fun to see these old sketches, though?

  6. Not only do I sometimes not recall things like this but at times my sisters and I have different, totally different memories of same events! The mouse is really cute. The cowboy looks like you were avoiding drawing a face. (Since I avoid drawing faces at times, this is what it looks like to me, lol). What a neat treasure though to put with your memorabilia.

  7. how totally wonderful to have these now; certainly a reminder of where you came from ... and grew, Laure.

  8. I think you're right, Brenda, there seems to be threads to our "style" right from the get-go!

    Cris, I don't think it was that far back as that was not my room in those years. And yes, I too sometimes wish I could forget!

    Cheryl, when we cleaned out my grandmother's home I was quite surprised at how much creative stuff I had done and given to her and how she'd kept! I didn't realize just how much I had done.

    Lisa, I don't know about fun. Enlightening maybe.

    Again, Katie, I don't know if I'd say fun.

    I guess it's true of families too then, Timaree. They say three people standing on the same corner, see the same accident and they all going to have different stories.

    Carole, it does seem like a piece of history. I'm still trying to figure out how and where it fits with me.

    Dusty, you may be right! It could be Dwight as I used to listen to his music many moons ago!

  9. The birth of an artist! How lovely to find these. The top one looks very professional in comparison to the 2nd one - maybe you copied it from something or perhaps it is a more recent creation?

  10. I left my childhood behind me and it is amazing to find memory jogs once in a great while. The little mouse is still with you!

  11. Hi Laure, love the new header!

    I just gave you the award you just got. I don't expect you to re-do the whole thing but thought I would point people in your direction. My post is here:

  12. I too have forgotten bits and pieces of the past. I hadn't seen a friend for years (out of state) and almost put both feet in my mouth. I realized just in time I had painted the piece ... one of about three palette knife paintings I ever painted! My forty years of journals are also reminders of how much I forget.

    I do see your beginings in the sweet mouse.

  13. How interesting! The mouse drawing particularly looks like (the beginnings of) "you." Wonder what other treasures of the past are lurking in your parents' home?

  14. Absolutely priceless! How did I miss so many of your posts!


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