It's Here! It's Here!!

11:18 AM

Handbook Watercolor Journal
3.5 x 8.5 inches
The new year is here, safe and sound! Bear is very tired and needs a long winter's nap.....

Hope your year arrived in your favorite "style" and you are enjoying the day. For now, I think I'll join Bear for a nap!

P.S. The clock in the background is a nod to Sue's (LoveItaly) wonderful clock illustration. I think I need more practice!

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14 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Love this pic of your bear after the last post of him! I'm looking forward to a pared down year or rather perhaps, one not so fragmented. I so enjoy the watercolors that I am not worrying about trying to grab all the other stuff to be done on the internet. I'll just focus on them for a while which makes the start of this year simpler. It feels good.

  2. Happy day to you and yours, Andrea!

    Timaree, that sounds like an awesome plan! I think we have to step back from time to time and ask what it is that we most enjoy or else we run the risk of running all over, trying to do everything and not enjoying any of it. Sounds like a marvelous plan to me. HNY!

  3. ahhhhh...little bear looks so tired. Love that droopy tie and the confetti on his head and nose. Too cute. I love Jan always feels so good. I'm looking forward to another year. I've just about totally reclaimed my art room! yeah!

  4. Pooped! Happy New Year Laure - here's to creativity in 2011!

  5. I think we all deserve a good new year's nap! Then on to bigger and better things.

  6. What an adorable painting, there's always something about bears, and you've captured that perfectly..All the best wishes for 2011.

  7. Yep, it's over, and this bear is tired too. I had two glorious 12-hour naps the last couple of nights and I'm not apologizing! I am energized now to get rolling in the new year. Hope yours is extrafabulous.

  8. Gee, that little bear is looking just like how I feel after this whirlwind I have been on.
    Thanks for a great year Laure!
    And a happy new one to you.

  9. I think I am still recovering from our "favorite" way to start the new year. Ha.. Too much birding too far from home. Fooled you didn't I?? tee hee... Love your sketch. The clock isn't so bad either.

  10. Yay, Kelly! Awesome job. Looking forward to watching where you go this year.

    Yes, Caroline, let's make 2011 a year of creativity!

    KJ, can we have more than one nap????!!

    Thanks, Stephie, and Happy New Year to you as well!

    12-hour naps? You lucky girl, you! Love the new avatar, Katie! Happy New Year!

    Teri, Thank you! for a fab year as well. May 2011 be even better!

    Ah, Lisa, you tease! And here we all thought you had a hot night out on the town!! HNY!

  11. Love this, Laure! And thank you for the "nod!" Wow--I'm flattered. I think this bear and hat are adorable in this and the last post that somehow I missed. Happy New Year, and don't worry about perfection--these are great!!

  12. Another adorable post! Love your clock and the one you got the idea from! Great ideas!!

  13. Ha ha! Your droopy/sleepy bear looks about like I did the morning after New Year's Eve!


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