Sometimes, You Just Gotta Move!

5:26 AM

2 minute sketches from Davis Park
Watercolor and Ink
Handbook Watercolor Sketchbook
I've been itching to get outside. Between the inclement weather and inside obligations, I've been having a tough time getting there. Yesterday, I had a small window of time and went to Davis Park. It's not the most scenic of places, but it was outside and that was the main requirement. The other reason I wanted to get outside was so I could move. As in walk!

I admire the artists that I see posting sketches from their daily walkabouts. They call it "sketchercise" or something like that. I find myself in a state of struggle whenever I try to sketch when I'm out walking (for the purposes of exercise) and I think it shows in the sketches above. What I want to sketch doesn't generally show up an area or at a time when I'd be willing to stop. Going back to those areas would mean another loop and I didn't have the time.

My "solution" was to impose a 2-minute time limit on myself—IF I was going to try and accomplish both tasks. Sigh. Although I can't say that the sketching was all that successful, I do feel better having been out in the gale force winds, letting it blow some of the cobwebs in my brain around.

The frost-burnt oak leaves truly glowed in the intermittent sun. I heard the call of the redwing black bird as well as saw and heard a pair of Sandhill Cranes. I may have seen a vireo but am not sure if that's what it was.

Sketching aside, it was pure bliss for the few minutes I was out there!

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