Word Play: Love Reigns

9:15 AM

I love a "play on words" and when I heard the words "love reigns" it sparked an artistic thought that led to a painted thought in my journal. This is what I started with:

 I liked the idea of the hearts floating down as if it were raining. I decided to go a bit further with this but realized my idea wasn't going to work the way I currently had journal positioned. I turned it counter clockwise one step so that "Love Reigns" now ran along the side rather than the top. Then I added the words "Love Grows" on the opposite side going down the left side:

When I first "conceptualized" this piece, my thoughts ran along the lines of what works with rain/reign besides falling rain or hearts and my answer was an umbrella. But rather than having the umbrella protecting something from rain/love, I turned the piece over to "catch" all the love pouring down:
When I put the three elements together on the page and added the word "Where" on the left side, this is what the finished page looked like:

Another cool thing about this is that I can break the elements apart and use them to create a Valentine Day card! The finished size of the page is 5.5 inches square which is not a standard card size. By using my scanner and photo editing software, I can easily downsize and rearrange the art to fit on any size card I want it to! Interested in learning more? Come join me for the Valentine Cards eClass starting tomorrow, January 18th! More information here.

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