Hummin' Right Along!

4:25 PM

Summer is just flying by. Ridiculously so. What is the hurry, I keep wondering. Well, since I can't do anything to slow it down, I might as well scribble in my journal a little bit faster!

Rollerball Gel Ink Pen and Watercolor
5" x 5" on Watercolor Paper

I will never forget the summer we went on vacation with two of my aunts and uncles, all of their children and my grandparents. We stayed in this big old house on Lake Junaluska (North Carolina) and it had three floors! Of course, stairs were so enchanting to a four year old that I could hardly contain myself! At the top of the stairs, in my parents bedroom, were windows that looked out on a Mimosa Tree.

That tree was constantly covered with hummers! There must have been hundreds of them and they were so tiny and perfect flying bloom to bloom...something that made an incredible impression on little me. I've always wanted to go back and find that house and stay there again to see the hummers, but I'm sure the house, the tree, and most certainly the hummers, are probably gone. So they will live on in my memory and my journal.

This little beauty was sketched for the Artful Journaling Explorations class currently going on. In this lesson, we explore getting more out of the common rollerball gel pen. Another starts on September 21st for anyone who is interested in exploring alternative materials!

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