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Below is an image of my studio as it looked back in January, all clean and tidy after the big remodel....

....and it was working fine. Well, kinda. Ummm, well, no, actually it wasn't. Not if I wanted to work on more than one project at the time. Because I only had one work surface. That meant I had to move the current project to start another one and rotate them back and forth. With more than two things on the go, it could get kind of confusing, not to mention messy!

Comfy Studio Chair
 I could (and do!) climb up in my big, comfy chair in the corner to paint or go to the breakfast nook and paint at the table (which I also do a lot). Something had to change, but what? I didn't want to give up my antique drafting table!

I don't know if you've picked up any of the Where Women Create magazines or Cloth Paper Scissor's Studios magazines, but they're full of artists' studios and are quite inspiring. Chris and I have both found some cool ideas for storage in our studios:
An awesome storage solution!

It's an old leather holster that Chris now uses to hold paint brushes so they're not loose in the drawer—pretty clever, huh?!! The featured studios are for all types of creative work, in every kind of configuration, space and location imaginable! Pick one of them up for a visual treat!!

Anyway, after browsing through several articles about studios having separate work "stations" for various types of work—painting, jewelry, sewing, journaling—I realized I was underutilizing my space but could not see how to change it without giving up my table. As usual, it's the simple things that trip me up!!

'scuse the mess!

Tada! I doubled the size of my studio! At least, that's what it felt like when I turned the table long-ways and moved the lamps to the far end!! And yes, there is a glorious mess in here, but I have no less than 5 projects going on at the moment! Woohoo! Just this one small change put me into "creative" heaven! I am sooo loving it! The new arrangement doesn't take up that much more space and actually works quite well. I can even have playmates over to play in the studio now!

Speaking of projects....I am working on a fall painting, two new wc journals with coptic binding (thanks, Lisa, for the inspiration!), I'm outfitting a new wc palette, and Sam won the battle.....we're working on a new tote! More on these as they get completed. It has been a super good, super creative weekend!

What "small" change could you make to free your creative spirit??!! Please share!

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24 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Laure, amazing when we take time to think about things and you are right all it takes is the simplest of moves. I have been amazed at the new looks when I move things to extend out into the center. I did that a few years ago in my studio. I now have at least three work stations.
    your studio looks great!

  2. Thanks, Toni! I just couldn't get over how long it took for me to see how to do it! Such a simple the change! (I'm working on ways to expand the workstation idea as I think it's going to make all the difference in the world, just don't tell my husband as he figures heavily into the plan!!) ;•)

  3. My projects tend to spill over into our dining room. We use our dining room but not real often. I sometimes think I should have made our diningroom into my studio because it is a larger room. What would I do with all the people we gather in our diningroom for parties?? Well, it may happen yet who knows?? I have read some of those magazines. I have the book 'Creative Spaces' which is why I turned our guest room into my studio. Now guests either have to sleep on a sofa or go to the hotel just down the street. Noone has complained yet. We have a small house anyway. No pool so it works out. I love the fact that I can just close the door if it gets overwhelming in here. Thanks for the link love.

  4. A great idea! I've found that periodic changes to the studio/office do boost creativity... and just plain make you feel good!

    What kind of lamps do you use?

  5. What a great idea! It sounds like you're having a great, big creative explosion over there! Perhaps I can take inspiration from you for my own space dilemmas.

  6. Lisa, I saw a quote the other day that said, "Instead of having a studio in my home, I have a studio that has a home in it." They just happen to be one and the same!" I'm in danger of that myself!

    Teresa, I use combo lamps by Alvin. They're a combo incandescent/fluorescent deal—love 'em!

    KJ, have you thought about having a third party come in and assess how you use your space and what changes you could make? Could help!

  7. Is that the same table? It looks twice as big that way. Amazing.
    I need a real table in my Studio that once was our guest room. So I an turn it like that. I use a folding table and it wont look as good or I would have done this. Now seeing this I know I am right and will look for a table. Oh and I LOVE that big brush over your window. Where did you ever find that? Pretty cool.

  8. Sounds like one of those 'slap to the head' kind of things. Cris is right, it looks way bigger. Oh heck I'm jealous that you even have a studio cuz I tend to spill out over the whole house and DH just shakes his head and moves something over. lol

    It looks like a great place to create!

  9. Hey, Cris! Yes, that's the same table! Amazing isn't it? I don't know how "robust" Craigslist is in your area, but I've been searching for some other items and I've seen quite a few art/drafting tables listed. Some are even antiques. I'd take a look on there for the type of table you're searching for! The brush is from Pottery Barn Kids.

    Teri, what makes you think my hubby's not doing the same thing?!! Like I said, I have a house in my studio, not a studio in the house!

  10. You are so delightfully funny. It is the simple things that get me too. Thanks for the links.

  11. WOW what a difference that made! I agree with Cris, the table almost looks twice as big! You've inspired me to take a look at my creative area too! I love your big "easy chair" chair soooo much, it's really inviting!! Thanks for stopping by...I didn't punish myself too bad this time!! :)

  12. I knew that sam was going to win the tote war.. You'll have to show pictures. I do my painting on our dining room table which happens to be the table we eat on which is a pain. I do have a sewing studio/ office that I need to clean and organize. Maybe I can find a little space to paint in it.

  13. Awesome, Laure! Love your studio. I'm going to be sad to be on the road soon, unable to spread out in my own studio. I love what you've done with this space! Very creative.

  14. Looks TERRIFIC, Laure--isn't it cool when a simple solution makes so much difference?! FIVE projects, wow...

  15. I found this blog by chance and I have much to learn from you so if it is ok with you I will follow.

  16. Glad to entertain, Vicki! I'm ALWAYS entertained!!

    Hey, Myra, that is a comfy chair! Glad to hear you went easy on yourself.

    Hey, Tyanne, good luck on the cleaning and organizing—that's what drove me to make the changes I did. And yes, everyone knew Sam was going to win that one!

    Just think of all the inspiration you'll come back with, Sue! All the gorgeous places you'll want to paint!

    Yes, Ms. Kate, it's marvelous when something so SIMPLE works so well!! Lovin' it!!

    Ralph, welcome!! Glad to have you!

  17. Your post is timely for me. I'm still trying to settle into our new digs and saved the studio for last. I took the master bedroom as it opens onto the porch. Luckily the other bedroom is large enough for hubby not to grumble too badly :)

    Love the quote! I need to make it into a sign and hang it in the foyer :)

  18. Thanks for the inspiration, Laure!I'm still at the dining room table, but I've totally taken it over now. I don't even try to out things away. Sometimes I have to retreat to the bedroom where I have a small table (that IS blessedly clear at the moment.)

    I wonder if we could put this dang table in storage or something. Something to think about. Thanks for the nudge!

  19. Oh, Pam, you lucky girl!! Hubby would never give up his master bedroom! Have fun—and take your time pulling it together!

    Donna, if you're gonna be in there, you might as well OWN it as your studio and make it your own! Good luck!!

  20. Your "new" studio looks so good. It's crazy how we women love to rearrange the whole house but forget that a few small changes in one well used room can make a huge difference. My studio is also my office, so not much room for making changes. It works well for me the way it is. Glad yours is working out so much better.

  21. Wow! Doesn't look like the same room and I LOVE the "industrious" air it has now! Can't wait to see the "produce" :)

  22. Katie, you're spot on! I kept thinking I was going to have to make HUGE changes rather than looking at the little things first.

    Hey, Margaret! I've just completed one project—it will be on the blog later today and there are several that are moving along though very, very slowly! Still, it's progress!

  23. My daughter kicked me out of her guest room! There used to be two twin beds in it along with a couple of dressers and a catch-all unit for the kids school supplies and sport equipment. Now ONE bed has been removed (so my husband still sleeps there when we both visit and I have another room) and in that same space of a twin bed she has put two 4 ft. long folding tables from Costco sticking out as you have done here, with a tall shelf unit in between. She painted the corner with a wavy pattern of light blue to mark it as her craft area and hung various tool holders on the wall. I couldn't believe what she fit into the space and now she has a corner of her own.

    I really want more work stations. One for painting, one for beading and one to keep the sewing machine set up on for the minimum. I keep working at it. I call my room a studio with a bed in it and that is really true.


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