Once Again, You Just Never Know What You Might Find!

10:17 PM

Look what I've found!! An unfinished painting! Oh, be still my heart!!

Mr. Snowman

I've been starving for something to paint that wasn't sketch related, but loathed stopping and taking the time to plan out a painting! So you can imagine my surprise, when on a hunt for hot press paper, I flipped the cover back on this block of paper and there was an unfinished snowman!! YAY!!!!

I've no idea why he wasn't finished in the first place. No doubt, I wasn't pleased with some little something and abandoned him, mid-painting. Bad me. But yay! for me now!! I have something to paint!! He may wind up being a Christmas card. Then again, maybe not.

I worked on him for a couple of hours this afternoon and I've sketched in the jacket which wasn't there before. Still need a background and other refinements. What color would you paint the jacket? I'm kinda leaning towards red.....not sure whether to add texture or not. Any thoughts?

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9 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I think a red, fuzzy jacket would look great on him. Can you do fuzzy?

  2. He's already adorable - I can't wait to see him finished! Since he has a red hatband, a red jacket sounds good.

  3. How about red with tiny snowflakes on it, or blue might look good with spring of holly on the lapel. How fun to find this treasure.

  4. Oh how sweet! I am like this with unfinished embroideries!!! I hope you will show us your finished snowman, for sure! I say yes to texture in the jacket!

  5. A found treasure. He looks great so far. I love the notion of red. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  6. Very cute, and a great beginning! I like the idea of a fuzzy jacket, too, whether red or blue or whatever color you choose.

  7. Red does sound good. I love it when something fun falls into my lap so to speak. Sometimes its good to not finish something so you can find it later. Hope you show it finished. Looks cute already.

  8. Red, most any hue is my favorite. I think it would be great. What a cute little guy. Lucky you to stumble upon him. Funny you should post him today. I saw a snowman carved in limestone today.

  9. ...I love this snowman and since it's still in the mid 90s here, he's a welcome sight! I always say I will do my Christmas card in August, but I never do. You've got a jump now. (I'd go red too...)


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