A Well Journaled Life - Continued

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The post is continued from A Well Journaled Life - Captured....

Assuming I don't get waylaid by any more photo ops on a remote island or some other tantalizing adventure I just can't say no to, I thought I'd share more of my Flight Plans Journal with you!

This is the inside left or inside front cover. I had originally intended to put the artwork on the front, but it just wasn't working for me. However, I really like it on the inside! It is my personal take on the famous "What would begin if you knew you could not fail?" quote. There are also some "thoughts" doodled into the borders. I am still waiting for whatever will go on the bottom of the page to appear. (Click to enlarge any of the images!)

The journal is going to be broken into sections. I created divider pages out of art paper and the added the words through a transfer process. The pages were then colorized with pigmented ink. This section will be on goals and specifically on what I want to accomplish both now (in the moment) and next (in the future)!

The following section is going to focus on wisdom, on honoring the guiding truths in my life and have just ONE section to put them all in will be wonderful (instead of having ten thousand little pieces of paper floating around)! In reading Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project, I began to realize why I collected these thoughts on paper and how important they were to my life.

I believe she calls them her 10 commandments. I'm not sure commandments is the right word for me, but they're definitely guiding truths to how I want to live my live and conduct myself. (More on this in another post.)

And that's about where the binder is. There is one more tab there in the back that I haven't added any words to yet as I'm not sure of how I want to focus on the category yet. It's going to be a combination of dreams, hopes, wishes, things to do, places to visit, and other odd pieces that don't really fit anywhere else!

 I am going to start to collect the various pieces of paper, scribbles, doodles, envelopes, and whatnot and start to assemble some order to the chaos! I hope to have some real progress to show next!

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. ...what a wonderful idea. I way to pull it all together to help bring focus (and beauty) to life. You're very good at inspiring people. Thanks for the post and the idea!

  2. Very cool! I love the color combos and words of encouragement. It should be a real source of happiness and inspiration for you!

  3. I am doing a similar project that turns trash to treasure that at least I will treasure!!! LOL! Your journal is beautiful!

  4. It is beautiful, Laure--really nice! You're very creative.

  5. Laure: I am still around occasionally looking at what everyone is doing. Especially you. So excited for you about your new journal/book. Inspires me to maybe do one similar myself.
    Hope you are well. Hope I will have the funds to take another class someday soon.

  6. It's looking really good. I like the idea of sections. It just dawned on me I could do a cookbook sort of thing like this and maybe even leave it to my kids. Sort of like the meat section for a few family recipes and some meaty thoughts and desserts for more recipes and some lighter or fluffier thoughts. Hmmm, you've got me thinkin'!

  7. Looking good. Very inspiring. Now I need to think about doing one for something I treasure.

  8. This is quite beautiful and full of meaning. An inspiration for sure.

  9. Something about putting thoughts, ideas, plans, hopes and dreams on paper that gives them validity, clarity.

    And, of course, you do it with great style and elegance!

  10. Love this Laure. I am currently totally immersed in journaling world too and am loving it.

    Just got a book on artbook making and so was thrilled to see this post. In particular I love the practicality of those binder rings.

  11. This is so inspiring, Laure. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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