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The Crepe Myrtles are blooming like crazy here in Central Florida due to the unusually hot temps we had throughout a good part of June. And they attract all manner of creatures to their blooms and leaves. This particular tree is quite large and the branches, heavy with bloom, cascade over the edge of the road and you have to walk around it. If you're not careful (or paying attention), and you brush into it, you're sure to get a shower from all the water it's holding! How would I know this? Hmmm, just saying.

I came very close to brushing into it the other morning because I wasn't paying close enough attention to where I was walking. That's when I came nose-to-nose with this creature. It's rather hard to tell from the photos, but the body is about 3 inches in length! This guy/gal has not moved in the last three mornings of my walk. S/he's been in the same one foot area. The photos were taken on rainy days in low light. Once you move past the "ick" factor, and look at the markings, these are some pretty cool-looking bugs!

As long as they stay on the tree.

Oh, and they don't call them "hoppers" for nothing........

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. One very impressive grasshopper!

  2. Cool picture Laure! I've never seen one that close.

  3. P.S. Are you going to paint him???

  4. He/she is really beautiful. I follow a bug blog and really have come to appreciate their (all bugs) beauty and function! Neat pics. I'm with you though...they can stay in the trees!!! LOL!

  5. The creatures you see on your walks... :) I never have the prescence of mind to bring my camera. Here's hoping you stay dry and hopper-free on your next walk.

  6. Probably trolling for a mate here. Isn't nature grand.?.

  7. Our crepe myrtles are going full storm right now, too--and they're my favorites. Love your little visitor. Hope he stays there!

  8. Yes, s/he was, Vickie! Kind of startled me!

    I don't think you want to see one that close either, Myra!

    Julie, I may put him/her in my sketchbook—one of these days!

    Yes, I see a few too many creatures if you ask me! KJ, I don't always take my camera, but I do take my phone which has a camera. That's what I've used here.

    Yes, Lisa, nature is way cool!

    They are gorgeous, Sue! A payoff for all those really hot days!

  9. Send the rain my way. I'll take it. We've had none for months and are in our monsoon season but so far, no rain! I don't see as many grasshoppers here this year as usual. I'm not usually in a mood to enjoy their colors as we have the best plants around for over a mile so you can imagine how the bugs go for them. He does have cool marking close up though. I imagine he'd look great painted.

  10. What a handsome creature! Best off in that tree though!

  11. It almost looks like an art nouveau brooch.


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