Is Variety the Spice of Life?!

11:29 AM

I don't know for sure, but I can say that variety really helps to spice up my creative life and add a few sparks to the fire! I have been looking for a "complimentary" activity to go with my sketching and painting endeavors—something that worked with those activities as opposed to something totally unrelated. (More on this later.)

Back during the great remodel in January I came across an old printed notebook/journal that I'd been "saving" for years, thinking it would make a fabulous journal with its own remodel. Well, I nearly tossed it in January during the purge part of that makeover because I'd been hoarding it for years and had not done a thing with it. I made myself the promise that if I had not done something with it before the next time I laid my hands on it (to move it again), I would pitch it. Well.......... is the spine of the book with stacked papers and eyelets as well as that crazy, fun trim going every which direction! If you've read Painted Thoughts very long, then you know I'm big on making dreams come true, setting goals and stretching to reach them as well as getting out of comfort zones.

When I started looking for a title, I thought about "Trajectory" but that didn't quite cover it. "Flight Plans" was along the same lines and spoke to the preparation and the ideas behind the trajectory. (I also happen to believe that it's important to enjoy the journey and not always focus on just getting to the destination!)

I intend to keep not only my goals in this book, but also my dreams, thoughts about my life, accomplishments, milestones, and the truths that I live by. Part of this is based on book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. In the next few posts, I'll be sharing more about my book, how it came to be as well as some cool things I've learned from Gretchen's book and the positive energy that has come out of it.

Now, about that variety....are you a variety-adds-the-spark-to-life or are you a tried-and-true-stick-with-what-you-know kind of person? Please share!

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12 Creative Thought(s)

  1. This will be an interesting journey you are going to take us on and probably inspiring as well.

    I bet you already know I am a variety kind of person. I love new ventures, new ideas and new places and then love to include them in my 'art life'.

  2. This will be very interesting.

    I am a stick-with-what-I-know kind of person in most of my life except in art. That's where I try to explore and take some risks. If I added variety to all my life I would end up confused and floundering.

  3. Most certainly I am a "variety" kind of person. So much so that sometimes I feel scattered! Maybe I have adult ADD, I don't know, but I seem to need to have several projects going at the same time.
    I love this book you've got going and will love to see what you put into it.

  4. Looks and sounds wonderful! Can't wait to follow along with your adventures.

    Re: "variety or tried and true". You have to ask? The way I bounce around from watercolor to acrylic to oil, to pastels, back to oil, back to watercolor...... LOL. Give me the variety! Yes! Let life be exciting!

  5. Well as I am now exploring my inner farmer by raising chickens and goats, I would say I am in the variety category!!! :-)

    Love the look and title of your journal. I keep several journals - a dreams/goals/art business one, a gardening journal, a spiritual journey journal and now a farming one!

  6. Variety is absolutely the spice of life. I can't be doing the same thing over and over. It drives me crazy (ier). I must do different things or I get meloncholy. I also journal off and on. Acutally I keep several journals going. When I am not painting, I write or draw... Must be busy.

  7. I love journaling. I have lots of journals put away. some just lined notebooks of thoughts at any given moment some just lists of things I want to do. but I cant get rid of them. I should do something like this and put them in a special binder.
    I am not sure what I am. I bounce around sometimes but sometimes I can be quite boring to myself. Something I need to ponder on. You always keep us thinking.

  8. I guess I'm really not to surprised that most artists deem the spice of life a necessary ingredient! I have fought with myself for years not to go chasing after every new trend that came along in the art world!

    I think it just comes with the creative territory!

  9. Routine is good for some things, and provides a great launching pad for variety. Trying new things is a MUST! I am (and probably always will be) striving for a balance between the two!

  10. A very worthy project you will not ever be sorry for. A very good artist friend of mine, Devon Meyers is a real master at journaling. She has done a number of my wilderness Art workshops and amazes all with her journal and the art contained in it. Another good friend of mine, Hannah Hinchman has written and taught about art journalling. She has no peers.

  11. You and I both struggle for that balance, Elizabeth!

    Gary, you are a fortunate man to count Devon Meyers AND Hannah Hinchman among your friends!

  12. "Flight Plans" is the best name possible for this project! Can't wait to see how you soar.

    I am a "variety is the spice of life" person, and I find myself shooting off in every direction and never finishing anything. I can feel the tug of a notebook like yours, if only to capture some of my ideas for safekeeping/the future.


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