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Continued from the prior post, Is Variety the Spice of Life?!....

I have file folders, loose pages, journals, scattered bits of paper with inspirational scribbles on them floating all around in a chaotic manner from my office to my studio and some unusual points in between. This became very evident with the studio redo. Up until then, I had thought I was doing a reasonably good job of keeping it all contained in a file folder. Not!

Enter the notebook.....

This is the cover of the Flight Plans journal! I love all that fun fur flying off in every which direction! Each item attached has meaning, kind of a visual clue if you will, to remind me of how I want to live my life. (Click to enlarge.)

The fuzzy stuff is a reminder to make/keep life fun, light, colorful and to enjoy the slightly chaotic, creative life I am building.

I am building, creating, growing and visualizing the life I want and that's what this book is all about. In the lower block it says Begin, Now, Today. Simply put, it's a reminder to get off my backside and start living. Today!

The clock face is to remind me that time is passing whether I'm enjoying it or not! I can't save it, but I can surely waste it. I really don't want to wake up one day and think "Wait! Stop! I didn't get to do (fill in the blank) and now I'm too old, sick, feeble, (fill in the blank)!"

The old key is to remind me that I often always hold the key to the solutions of my problems. A reminder that says quit sitting around waiting for someone else come along and unlock the door—go find a window, a backdoor, a crawl space, but keep moving!

I have the quote written down (somewhere) "Imagine what can be rather than see what is." I forget to imagine sometimes (gasp!). Maybe because I busy trying to live consciously in the moment. Or maybe because I get caught up in the business of "being busyness." Imagination is another exotic spice that makes life exciting! It's what dreams are made of and it has been key to creating the life I want!

The last piece of the cover is a monocle. A reminder to stop and examine where my life is going, what's working, what could be working better. There is always a chance for course-correction if I'm paying attention. I'd rather course-correct than crash and burn and wonder what happened!

More in the next post!

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25 Creative Thought(s)

  1. i love, love, LOVE this...! it's beautiful and sooo meaningful!

  2. Those symbols are wonderful and so well thought out. I am enjoying this journal a lot.

  3. Thanks, Randi! It's been a fun endeavor and really turned out to be a labor of love!

  4. Teri, we cross posted! Thank you! I can add or change the symbols as my life changes/grows!

  5. Sounds like a great plan to me. I love all the symbolism on the book. I made a collage about my father not long ago. It has a lot of symbolism in it too. A ver satisfying way to actualize (is that a word?) a thought.

  6. I love this idea Laura, and especially the symbols you have chosen it makes it a truly meaningful piece of work

  7. Laure - sorry I just realised I misspelt your name in my last comment

  8. Hey, Lisa, whether it's a word or not, I get what you're saying—there is something quite rewarding about including all the symbolism!

    Hi, Gill, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Don't worry about the name—it trips up a lot of folks! I quickly glanced at your blog! I want to go back when I have time for a proper visit!

  9. A life well lived is a great life well journaled!
    I simply adore all your symbolic uses of objects! well done!

    it looks terrific!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  10. Have you ever heard of a Commonplace book? It's a collection of quotes gathered into a single book serving as inspiration to the collector. It's a centuries old concept.

    I started one at the beginning of this year when all those scraps of paper started to overwhelm my creative space. It's awesome!...to me at least.

    However, my actual book (plain black) is a sad sack step-sister to your vivid, exuberate Flight Plans!

    Commonplace book on Wiki

    Another Commonplace book page

    My journal page on my Commonplace book

  11. Hi Laure. I love this post. I need to remember everything you have said, because all of it is so true for me. I am so bad at not looking at the big picture and looking at how bad I think everything is.
    Thanks for your wonderful inspiration, your beautiful work and your awesome job of teaching our class. You are amazing and don't forget it.!!

  12. This is a great journal. It looks beautiful and I love all the thought you've put into the bits and pieces and what they all symbolize.

  13. What a beautiful journal!!! I hope you continue to use it, because anything that helps keep you from crashing and burning is great in my book!(I may need one too!)

  14. Thank you, Carmelina!

    Speck, no, I had not heard of a Commonplace book until now! I've been having a happy romp through this info! I love the discussion/idea of a "hodgepodge" book! That's what mine will be! I will be digging further into this. I really like this idea. Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you, Martha!

    Cheryl, thank you!

  15. It's a beautiful book. I love all the symbols you've included. Its tactile and visual. Eye candy and as you fill it, food for the journey. I ALWAYS have to have food with me - what better way than spiritual food.

  16. What an exciting and colorful idea! I'm smiling at the thought of such a fun book. Thanks for sharing all about it in both posts.

  17. i too like all this texture and embellishment doodads you have created here....looks like great fun!

  18. Seeing this book everyday would constantly inspire me; what a wonderful treat and reminder of the journey. I love the energy of the colors, the embellishments, the idea!

  19. I love this journal and all the little tokens you've added. Their meanings are good reminders, and I see that you are a lot like me. My DH always used to say that I tend to over-analyze everything. I guess I do, but it's good to be aware of how you are living.

  20. The book looks great. Nice to put all that on the outside so it gets one to open the book and look inside. :)

  21. Hi, girl! I absolutely LOVE what you've done with the notebook! Awesome and inspirational!

  22. Laure, this is the 'most ut' as Rosy the maid in the old Jetson's cartoon would say. Amazing the things I remember :)

    Thank you for this yummy look into such a great idea. Can't wait to read more!

  23. What a great book and project. I love what you have done and also how much thought and meaning it has.

  24. Thank you, Liana! It has been a "labor of love' and a whole bunch of fun! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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