Look Who I Found!

8:11 AM

When I went back to my studio yesterday evening I sat down at the table to start sketching out some ideas, and this debonair gentleman showed up! I am still in the process of figuring out his story - why he's here, why he has a magic, talking pocket watch that has a face within it, and what it might be saying to him. Hmmmm, intrigue!

The current stage of the painting is a purple underpainting to help give depth to the folds in his clothes, his head, etc. when the final color is added. When my husband came in to see what I was working on he asked how the bunny could hold a pocket watch noting that bunnies didn't have hands. Without missing a beat, I looked at him and in all seriousness said, "It's a magic pocket watch, silly, he doesn't need hands!!" To which hubby replied, after rolling his eyes, "Well, why wouldn't a purple rabbit have a magic talking pocket watch?" and strolled from the room. 

He hasn't told me his name or his story yet - do you have any suggestions?

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I believe he looks to be waiting for the train.

  2. ...because he has an appointment with Furry Kitten, the apothecary, and doesn't want to be late!

    Your creativity is amazing. I LOVE this post and your bunny!

  3. Thanks, Jo and Kelly! It does seem that he has an appointment of some kind to keep, be it the train or meeting up with someone. So far he's still not talking - the strong, silent type, I guess.

  4. This is SO creative and fun! Love your husbands comments.

    You could always call him Mr PB Fingers (purple bunny fingers_ lol

  5. He's the suave and smoothly knowledgeable butler (along the lines of Jeeves) in a grand country home belonging to Lord and Lady Beaver, somewhere in the English countryside. He's checking in with his talking watch who is giving him an update, because...

    a) There's talk of mischief by a resentful former employee (the ferret, whom Rabbit had to fire) who plans to sabotage the grand event he's overseeing to make the esteemed butler look bad.

    b) Mrs. Rabbit is having gazilliontuplets and has just gone into labor. Time to head to the Hollow in the Bank Birthing Center.


    Love your art.... what an impressive rabbit!

  6. Oh wow, Teresa! I wish I had seen your comment before I posted that last entry!! LOL! I may have to see if there is room in the story for some of this!

    BTW, thanks, everyone, for playing!


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