My Muse is a Spaz!

4:54 PM

Purple Hyacinth
Page from the Sketchbook

For sure, a nice person, but a total spaz - absolutely no concentration! Take today for example, I was going to paint on my daffodils from yesterday and finish them up. She decides we need to paint on the cake/hat series, and um, that series is her idea too - cakes in the shapes of hats. I've no idea where that series is going to go (besides under the bed). Then, when that gets old, we started sketching out some more cake ideas. And gosh, what do you know? Now, we have one that looks like a Dalmatian. Don't ask. 

At lunch time, I went out to get the mail, and it's positively beautiful! I really wanted to just stay out there. As I get back to the front door she sees a Carolina wren - oooooohhh, let's paint a wren! No, let's not. We have cakes, and flowers, and a whole other bird page in the sketchbook to finish, remember? Hmmm, no, not really. 

Late this afternoon, she spots the hyacinth in the kitchen when I went in to get something to drink. Let's sketch that! We don't have to paint it - yet! Two and a half hours later . . . . I have a lovely new sketch in my sketchbook of the hyacinth! Where the hours went I have no idea, but it doesn't matter - it was so nice just to sit, paint, and not know the world existed for just a little while! And yes, she's a spaz, that muse of mine, but I guess that's why I keep her around - for days like this! 

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3 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Sounds like your muse is really keeping you busy making beautiful art!!! This is such a beautiful botanical illustration.

  2. Let that Muse play! I love seeing the sketches that you do.

  3. Thanks, Teri, and Lori! Yes, the muse is busy playing - and I must say I'm enjoying it too! It's good to get a painting done that I really enjoyed painting.


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