Look Who I Found!

8:11 AM

When I went back to my studio yesterday evening I sat down at the table to start sketching out some ideas, and this debonair gentleman showed up! I am still in the process of figuring out his story - why he's here, why he has a magic, talking pocket watch that has a face within it, and what it might be saying to him. Hmmmm, intrigue!

The current stage of the painting is a purple underpainting to help give depth to the folds in his clothes, his head, etc. when the final color is added. When my husband came in to see what I was working on he asked how the bunny could hold a pocket watch noting that bunnies didn't have hands. Without missing a beat, I looked at him and in all seriousness said, "It's a magic pocket watch, silly, he doesn't need hands!!" To which hubby replied, after rolling his eyes, "Well, why wouldn't a purple rabbit have a magic talking pocket watch?" and strolled from the room. 

He hasn't told me his name or his story yet - do you have any suggestions?

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