And next to the Oscars, and Grammies . . . .

7:35 AM

. . . . are the blog awards! I am so very pleased to tell you that Sheona of Black on Grey on White has given me the following art blog award:


Sheona is a wonderful graphite artist with a keen focus on animals. Please stop by to visit her blog as you will NOT be disappointed! Along with this comes the additional seven details on what I love . . . 

Spring flowers . . . . . anything autumn . . . . . a fire in our outside fireplace on a chilly evening . . . . traveling to new places I've never been to before . . . . . baby animals . . . . . repurposing something into a new use so that it doesn't have to be thrown away . . . . simplicity . . . . .

As to seven other bloggers , well, that's a bit tough as I'm new to Blogger and don't know a whole lot of the bloggers yet! I think I tagged everyone I knew last time! Hmmm, wait a minute, I am going to tag Teresa of Blueberries, Art and Life! Another wonderful blog with a lot of fine artwork. Well worth the visit! 

But if you're reading this - consider yourself tagged!! And please share in the comments if you're playing along so that I can read more about you!

Again, thanks so much Sheona!

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Congratulations! You deserve this award. I love to see your paintings.

  2. Oh...I love your paintings! My first time to visit your blog...I'll be back! I'm running fast so I'm not "tagged"! :-) Have a blessed day!

  3. Thank you, Lori!

    Thanks for stopping by, Dee, I hope you'll come again!

  4. That is really a beautiful award and well deserved.

  5. Thank you, Laure!

    I haven't seen this award before.. it's really pretty. I shall be honored to add it to my blog!


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