Day 2 of a Hyacinth in Bloom

7:01 PM

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Day 2 - Hyacinth Bloom
From my sketchbook

Here is the second painting from the Hyacinth I recently purchased! This is about 16 hours after the first sketch was done - I am so totally amazed at how fast this plant is changing!! When I came into the office to scan the painting and post, I stopped by the breakfast nook to see how the bloom was coming along. About half of the individual blooms are either opening or open. The one on the bottom right is fully open.

Since I paint slower than slow, I have resorted to taking photos, and I will hopefully be able to create a few more paintings of the stages of opening before I do a final painting with all the flowers open. It's also beginning to smell really good in my kitchen - maybe because I have the Hyacinth, a pot of tulips and a pot of daffodils on the table! (Though I don't think tulips and daffodils actually have a scent, do they?) I started the tulips late today, but as usual the light failed before I could complete it. Perhaps tomorrow . . . .

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6 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Someone kindly left me a comment today or last night and in my own special goofy way, I accidentally deleted it before I even saw what it said or who had left it! If you left a comment, could you please let me know! And my apologies!

  2. Hi Laure,

    Your muse looks pretty fantastic to me. Beautiful painting.

    Take care,


  3. Hi Laurie!

    Just catching up on my blog reading. Your hyacinth is so beautiful. You've captured it so delicately... good for you!

  4. Thanks, Barbara, and Teresa, the hyacinth was fun to paint! I've got one more to go of the bloom fully open.

  5. These hyacinth paintings are phenomenal. First, a great idea (I would never tackle painting a flower comprised of lots of little blooms!), and second, beautifully executed. Your greens are lovely!

  6. Hi, Laura! Thanks so much for stopping by and the kind comments. There was a time when I wouldn't have attempted it either. As time goes on, and skills improve, I've taken more of a "oh, what the heck, it's just some paint, paper, and a bit of time!" That attitude has served me well!


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