Would You Look At That!?!

8:54 AM

Well, you just never know, do you?! Yesterday was a milestone for me, one that's been coming for a over a year now. I have officially joined the YouTube nation! No, I didn't post a video of Chris trying to get a dead rat away from Andi. Nor did I post a video of him trying to convince Susie to give him a dead squirrel. No, I posted my first watercolor painting tutorial!! Yay! The video also lives on my web site, Imaginary Trips, announcing the new Artful Journaling classes that will be starting on June 1st!

These new journaling classes are for anyone wanting to learn more about journaling: adding art to the written word, using words as art, improving journal pages and we'll delve into watercolor basics as well. I hope you'll check them out and consider joining in the fun!

“What Color Is White?” is a new video where I demonstrate how to paint the birdhouse up above! I hope you find it useful and you'll subscribe to my "channel" so that you'll know when I post something new. Speaking of that, what would you like to see a painting demo of—a certain subject matter, color or area that you have trouble with or would like to know more about? Please leave me a comment!

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