It's Good to Get Lost Sometimes....

6:41 PM the details, that is!

Watercolor Sketch 
5 x 7 inches

I had the opportunity to help a friend out the last few days. This required getting up and out of the house before the sun came up to go to a horse paddock 30 minutes from home. There, down a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere, by the horse paddock, was a cow posture. And on some of the posts, were all manner of birdhouses!

And since you know I've been on a birdhouse kick, nothing would do but to add this one to the "series," if these little sketches can be dignified with such a serious title. This sketch in particular was about slowing down and savoring the morning's gifts of coolness, soft light, peaceful birdsong, a quietness that bordered on an almost tangible pause....serenity. A chance to breathe deep.  

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