Let Me Save You The Bother (Art Tools)

4:32 PM

By nature, I am a curious person, and I've found some fun "tools" to use in my art along the way. I've also found a lot of duds. This one is a dud....for artists older than the age of 9. If you're younger than 9, you'll think these are pretty cool! I found this Crayola No Spill Watercolor Set during my brief foray into Target yesterday. Curiosity got the better of me and they came home with me.
On the strip of paper in the middle, you can see where I painted on regular watercolor paper with their "paint" on the left as well as my name. On the right of that same paper strip, I used their brush but with regular watercolor paint. In the lower right corner is a quick illo of some galoshes I did in the Moleskine just to see what would happen and what the "tools" were like.

The brush is actually like a brush marker tip with no reservoir of ink. The tube is hollow with no way to add water. (If there were a way to add water, this might actually be a cool tool.) You dip the brush tip into the little cups of fluid which are really cups with foam in them. The fluid doesn't spill because the foam keeps it all soaked up. (I suspect it is washable marker ink as it is NOT watercolor paint.) When you're done, you pull the white pad out of the blue tray and wash it and the brush in the sink and it totally washes out. No fuss. No mess.

The packaging gives instructions to wash everything out and not to let it dry on the pad or brush. The regular pigmented paints did not wash out of the tip but stained it. The packaging also says not to get it on the wallpaper, painted walls, vinyl flooring, etc. My guess is that once dry or with the right combination of materials you'll have a problem on your hands. I found no real value in the brush, which was what I was after in the first place. It was like using a dried out marker to watercolor with. Not much blend-ability with either their paint or my own. Verdict: Don't waste your time or money unless you're 6 years old.
You may have to enlarge the image, but you can see where the "brush" started to make the paper in the Moley roll up and peel. Not pretty. I'm not particularly hard on my other brushes or my paper nor are there a lot of layers on this. Just a bad combination. 

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