Oh, Happy Day!!!

12:46 PM

Have you ever "misplaced" something and then wondered if it was truly lost because it was nowhere to be found? As in "gone for good?" And it kind of makes you sick at heart to think that, but you've looked everywhere you can think to look, sometimes 4 or 5 times, and it's simply not to be found?

Well, happy day, my "misplaced" item became "found" today!

See that adorable little Winsor and Newton palette?!! That thing has been missing since the great studio remodel back at the holidays! It's an antique that I won on eBay and the ivory color is the original color. I am inordinately fond of this palette for some reason and I was most unhappy to not be able to locate it.

I pleaded with the faeries, the gremlins and the Universe to please return my palette, all to no avail. In a few dark moments, I even wondered if I could possibly have left it somewhere, thrown it out, or just flat out lost it. I did my best not to entertain those thoughts for long, and look! It paid off!!! Oh, my happy heart!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

Above the palette, you can see my color chart of the paints in this palette. I tend to move from palette to palette (sometimes not by choice!) and I don't always remember the color name or brand. This is my M. Graham palette with a couple of Daniel Smith's thrown in. Now I can finish my strawberry!

One last quick note: For those of you who are interested in the Artful Journaling: Foundations online class, there are 3 spaces left.

P.S. Honey, if you're reading this before you check your voice mail, be sure to hold the phone away from your ear! I was a little excited when I called!!

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