A New Adventure - An Imaginary Visit To Provence! Online Class

6:32 AM

A visit to the Provence region is a delight to the senses, the sun-drenched patina of the old architecture, the vibrant market fare, and the glittering coastline...but that's not all! Breathe deep and smell the scent of fresh bread, listen to the cries of the gulls and feel the warmth radiating from the cobbled stones of the street. History saturates the area and there are plenty of markets and cafes to explore and enjoy.

This new adventure begins on Thursday, May 3rd! Click here to register.

This class is structured to help you build your skills for working on location as if we were actually in Provence. Imagine stepping off the bus and being told we’ll be moving to our next destination in 30 minutes. That means you have thirty minutes to get something down on the page—once you find what you want to sketch! 
The recommended time limits are strictly optional. They are in place to help you gauge your speed and to make you aware of how fast time moves on location. If you just love to draw and paint, you can always ignore the suggested timeframes and create at your own pace.
Video demos are provided for all of the assignments. All techniques are shown so that you can “see” when and where they’re used. You have total flexibility as to when you watch the videos once they are posted. The demos are available for the duration of the class and you can watch them as many times as you like.

Some “travelers” find it helpful to paint along with the video, pausing it as needed to learn the techniques being demonstrating. Others watch the video and then apply the techniques to a photo reference of their choosing.

Individual and gentle feedback is given by Laure for each piece of work posted to the private class blog. All feedback is provided in a secure environment along with encouragement from the other class “travelers.” Everyone will have email access for any questions or challenges that come up during the “visit” to Provence.

The recommended art supply list can be found here.

Sound like your kind of visit?! Come and join the fun by clicking here

I hope to see you in Provence!

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  1. The Provence class was absolutely wonderful!

  2. P.S. Any chance you'll ever teach the watering cans class online? (It was the next blog entry - but I didn't find a comment button for it).


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