Crusty, Rusty, Tin Watering Cans - Live Class at Keeton's!

9:10 AM

Things that show the passage of time like an old tin watering can is one of my very favorite subjects to capture in paint! If it shows a few bangs and dent from daily use, all the better. I've often wondered what tales we'd hear if old tools could talk.

I will be teaching how to capture these lovely beauties this Saturday, April 14th at Keeton's in Bradenton.

These cans might seem like a difficult subject, but they're really not. The patina is quite forgiving and you get to use all the colors in the paint box. If you're worried about the drawing aspect, don't be! You draw only one can and then you move it around and trace on the page two more times.

I hope to see you at Keeton's on Saturday! Please click here for information on how to register!

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2 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Looks like a great subject to paint Laure. Hope your workshop goes well.

  2. Sounds like a fun class. Wish I could be there!


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