Painting Blueberries - A Video!

9:39 PM

Why is it that fresh fruits seem to taste better when it's so darn hot?! Is it that little bit of coolness or the sweetness or the crunch? Maybe it's the distraction from the heat. Whatever it is, these blueberries were deemed special enough to gain entrance into the sketchbook!
Watercolor and Ink
in Hand•book Watercolor Sketchbook
8.5 x 3.5 inches
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I made a Blueberry Poundcake this past Sunday. Chris toted 3/4s of the cake out the door on his way to work Monday morning. The plate came back empty Tuesday evening.

Only two people work in his shop.....

Blueberries are so much fun to paint that I thought I'd share the process with you! I use M. Graham watercolors in the video and I've gotta tell you, the more I use them, the more spoiled I become! In case you didn't know, M. Graham has just relaunched their web site and they also have a Facebook page.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

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21 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Hi Laurie -

    That was a great video! Very instructive!

    Question: Is the swatch of colors you showed something that you make for all your watercolor colors? is this something you already discussed on your blog.

    I can really see where that would be useful for reference colors!

  2. Hi, Robin, glad you liked the video! The swatch that I showed in the video was just for demonstration purposes; however, I have a Cachet Watercolor sketchbook that I have painted a swatch of every watercolor I own in, along with brand name, pigment number (if available) etc.

    If you look at the post from the 13th, titled "Pigments, Oh My!" you'll see in in the lower half of the photo. I also have a folder that's nearly two inches wide where I toss color swatches and mixes I've created that I think might be useful for the future.

    When I do a painting, I try to note any unusual color mixes I create on a separate piece of paper so that I can refer back to them....but that's if I remember! I often get into the zone and totally forget.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Wow! I think I've just seen MAGIC!! Thank you so much Laure for sharing your magic tips for painting blueberries. I'm a new blueberry lover and I've been anxious to figure out how to paint them. But, I think I need to view your video as 'dessert' and go finish my CIJ assignments first. (maybe I can order some of the new paints too. I have a few Graham colors....but a few more would be fun for this!)

  4. Laure- thanks for showing me how you do this! I have never done watercolor, and was all signed up to start a REAL class, and my life got too one day I am hoping to learn. This was so neat to see in a video! You are just great! Thanks so much!

  5. Love seeing the video...made me want to go try and do this myself.

  6. P.S. I'm in LOVE with your blueberry page -- the whole composition -- the Blueberries, lettering, Blueberry Poundcake, and lettering border on the edges. Great combination! The lettering for "Blueberries" is super cool!!

  7. Those berries are ready to jump right off the page & into my mouth!!!! Great job, video and post!!!

  8. Those watercolors look as yummy as the blueberries. Thanks for whetting my appetite for breakfast and new watercolors.

  9. I always love your videos, Laure! And those blueberries are sublime!!!

  10. Laure- these blueberries are great and the demo was very informative, thanks for sharing. Can you tell me what type of palette you were using? It seems like you had a lot of wells but it was also small, good for traveling. I love M.Graham paints too!

  11. Wonderful - I loved the different colors you used on each berry. The M. Graham watercolors do seem to be highly saturated and your video makes me want to try them out!

    I've heard that oxidation referred to as "bloom." I see it on plums and some types of grapes, as well as blueberries, and it's very hard to depict in art. Your technique works well!

  12. Laure,
    What a great video, as usual. I, too, would like to know what palette that is. It looks small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and yet has what - 27 different colors? How do you decide out of all the colors to choose from, which to buy to include in your palette? Thanks, Kay

  13. Claire, I'm so glad that you liked it and it helps to give you some ideas on how to paint your new found favorites!

    Julie, give it a whirl, watercolors are so much fun!

    Lynn, let me know how it turns out!

    Thank you, Myra!

    Thanks, Lisa!

    Thank you, Ana!

    Thanks, Betty, the blueberries are a lot of fun!

    Sue, the palette is a Daler-Rowney palette that I modified. If you search the blog for modified palette, you'll find the directions for how I did it. The palette came from England.

    Elizabeth, I've heard it referred to as bloom as well, but in the little bit of research I've done, I didn't come across a definitive answer. The M. Grahams are won't be sorry if you try them!

    Kay, it's a Daler-Rowney palette. It original had 18 quarter pans. I modified the palette so that there are 27. If you search with those terms on the blog you should find the instructions on how I did it. As to choosing 27 colors....that's a blog post! Answer to come soon.

  14. Thanks, Laure. Can't wait to read the blogpost on picking your MG colors. I am like a little kid in a candy store.

  15. I've not tried the M Graham watercolors before--nice job, Laure! You're a natural!

  16. Hey hey hey... I count FOUR denizens of Chris's workplace...and ALL of us like homemade bakegoods!

  17. Loved the blueberry video! You have a great blog with so much useful information. I have been using M. Graham paints since I took your first online class and they were on your materials list. I have really enjoyed using them, but keep wondering if I should branch out and try Daniel Smith or Windsor Newton paints. It is such an investment to buy a few tubes of good quality paint. Someone told me M. Graham paints don't work as well in humid climates. Living in Utah this isn't a problem for me. What do you think-living in Florida? Would love to see a blog post where you compare the qualities of M. Graham with other brands.

  18. Hi Laure!

    I loved the blueberry video...made me really miss 'Imaginary Trips'...can't wait for ITALY...

  19. Great video, I've never tried M Graham watercolors, I have his Gouache and acrylics ... I too love your little palette.

  20. Sue, I think you'd love the M. Graham colors!

    Lay off the weed, Bob, you're getting double vision.

    Thanks, Tammy! As to DS or WN paints, the key is to stay in the professional artist quality paints. I do recommend exploring as I think there's something for everyone and we all have different color biases. Just be cautious or you'll wind up with a whole lot of paint and won't use it!

    Thanks, Suzanne! I'm excited about Italy too!

    Thanks, Capt. Elaine! Those little palettes are great for quick simple stuff. NOT so fabulous for doing larger works (not enough room for mixing and the wells a bit on the small side.


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