Video: Using One Pen In Place of Three!

12:56 PM

When you find a new tool this good—you just have to tell everybody!!

Disclaimer: I nor Imaginary Trips are associate or affiliated with Duke Pens. Purchase and use at your own risk.

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12 Creative Thought(s)

  1. You sound excited about that pen, Laure! Thanks for the information about it and the demos to show how it performs.

  2. Great post, Laure. I've more questions :) Is the ink you use waterproof or are you inking in after wc washes?
    What type of ink? What surface of paper have you used this little goody on? Many thanks!

  3. I was wondering too about the permanence of the ink you are using. I just got notice that a Safari Lamy pen is back in stock which is a pen many people rave about. Do you know it and if so, how does it compare to this one in your opinion? Thanks for the demo. I like that the ink widths are made by angle over pressure since I tend to be a heavy pressure writer.

  4. Hey, Sue! I am excited. Any time I can shed extra stuff is great!

    Pam, this is Platnium Carbon Black. It can be used in fountains used on a regular basis. It is waterproof after about 30 seconds. The image in the video was drawn with ink, with more line drawn after the washes. I've used the ink and the pen on a number of papers with great success. I've only had one paper bleed through, but it has very little sizing and the bleed was expected. This pen lays done a good amount of ink too. I've used on 3 different types, finishes and weights of watercolor paper—ALL successfully. Let me know if I can help further.

    Timaree, I owned a Lamy Safari at one time. Loved the pen, but it warped and you could not screw and unscrew the body from the nib. The Lamy will be better build and more nicely finished than this pen. However, I never had the flex in my Lamy others speak of and so I never had the various line widths either. Let me know if I can help further!

  5. ...I enjoy watching your wonderful videos; great presentation. Thanks for sharing, and your restaurant scene close to home is beautiful.

  6. Great video, Laure - thank you. I like the variation in line width that this pen affords - the only drawback with graphic pens.

  7. Hi Luare! I googled Duke pens and there are so many. What model are you using? I'm assuming you're using a calligraphy nib but I'm not sure. I'm a newbie to drawing with a fountain pen (I started using Pitt pens and haven't changed) so thank you for the information.


  8. Hi, Dana, the pen I purchased has no model number nor name. Most of the paper in the box is written in Chinese. I can tell you I purchased this from an eBay Seller by the name of yespen. It is a dual calligraphy pen and fountain pen meaning it comes with two nibs. The pen was less than $15.00 with free shipping. In does ship from China and it took over three weeks to reach me in the States.

    Let me know if I can help further.

  9. More power to you, I end up with more ink on myself than on the paper!!!

  10. ...this looks like a pen I'd like. Thanks for the demo and recommendation! Now I use an old-fashioned dipping pen for studio stuff and regular writing. I love it, but I can't take it with me in the field. This is the solution!

  11. Thanks Laure.... I ordered my Duke pen and it arrived... FAST! In only 6 days! Now I have a question about ink... you said you use Platinum. Do you have to treat your pens differently? ... like wash it out after each use? Some people say the Platinum has sediment that clogs.

    What say you???

  12. Hey, Dana! I ordered a second one and received it very quickly as well!

    I haven't been using the Platinum very long so I can't speak to a lot of experience. I have the Carbon black in two pens and I do try to use them at least once a week so they don't sit for too long at any one time. I haven't cleaned any of the pens with the Carbon in them yet.

    I go by two general the pen nib up when not in use and if I'm not going to use the pen for a while, I empty and flush the pen. I go by these two things regardless of the type of ink.

    Hope that helps! Good luck and please let me know what you think once you've started using the pen!


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