Fresh From Garden!

7:58 AM

Watercolor and Black Carbon Ink
3.5 x 8.5 Inches
Handbook Watercolor Journal
Someone's garden, anyway! Would love to say these are from my own, but they're not. I didn't put one in this year. These tomatoes were fresh, though. Anybody want a BLT?!

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16 Creative Thought(s)

  1. LOVELY. Yes, a BLT would be delicious, thank you...

  2. These look fabulous!! Yes, I'd love a BLT -- and add some avocado to mine too!

  3. Sure, I'll take a BLT. Haven't had one in along time and they are so tasty, especially with beautiful, juicy tomatoes like these!

  4. Yum!! Love this one, Laure...especially the way you used a tomato for the "o" and covered the m. Very cool...

  5. These look wonderful. I love the reflections! I also like the amount of "tomato" showing behind them. Just enough to add to the design; it's not like someone won't be able to idetify THESE as tomatoes, lol.

  6. Yum!! Love the reflections and the roundness of these. And the drops - looks like tomato juice dripped on the page!!

  7. They look juicy and delicious, Laure. Love a garden fresh tomato...

  8. Thanks, Lisa!

    Thank you, Teresa, how are you?!

    Thanks, Kate, I have some wonderful 9 grain bread, now I need to pick up some bacon and we're set!

    Ms. Claire, adding avocado sounds very "Californian" to me!

    Come on over, KJ! Dinner at 6:30!

    Thank you, Kelly!

    Yes, Timaree, there's still that bit of redundancy, but the muse likes amuses her for some reason.

    Cheryl, I thought the same thing and that it looked kinda messy!

    Thanks, Sue!

  9. You are making me hungry! Those tomatoes look luscious.

  10. Ooooh...I want a BLT!!! Funny, I just posted the near last of my tomato haul for this season! Yours here are so plump and juicy...and I am fixin to go in the kitchen and make my famous tomato sandwich right now! YUM! Love your sketch/painting, Laure!!!

  11. vine-ripened tomatoes are a treat and I love the fragrance from the stems/leaves when you touch them too. Your painting is beaut!

  12. Strangely, I don't like tomatoes to eat but I do enjoy their smell and appearance - especially these plump beauties!

  13. Those look good enough to eat!

  14. Beautiful and juicy, Laure!! They just look mouthwateringly delicious!!!


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