I Don't Know That Dog!

8:50 AM

An attempt to capture Andi
Gray ink on cheap paper
Andi had to go to the vet yesterday morning. At 8:00 AM (which is much too early). It takes two of us as she's like a tornado in a furry suit. Our best estimates are that she was born in 1999. When the vet came in to look her over, he asked if we were sure that Andi was nearly 12 years old. We assured him that she was.

He allowed that perhaps she was just hyper because we were in the vet's office. Again, we assured him that, no, she's like that pretty much all the time.

She's always been a tornado. From the day I brought her home and she refused to go into the cage but decided she preferred the front seat, riding shotgun. So you can only imagine the fun of trying to capture any part of her in a sketch. She's a blur!

I thought there might be a few moments of stillness at the vet's office in which I could capture a likeness. It was not to be. Not sure what dog I sketched, but it's not mine!
Tucker on the floor
Platinum Carbon Black Ink on scrap paper
A few nights before, Tucker curled up at the foot of my office chair. I thought great, he's still, he seems to be asleep, now's a great time to get a sketch! Ha. His internal alarm system went off and before I could get much more than an outline, he was sitting up. I tried for the second sketch of him in that position (in the upper left) when he decided to leave.

How do they know?

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10 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Too cute. My sister's dog is also "Tucker," Laure. He's also adorable: he's a little Corgi. Your sketches are wonderful, whoever's dog it is!

  2. I really like those part sketches put together on a page, so, as usual, you've turned a problem into something special.

    Had to smile at your doggy tale - it's like trying to take a photo of a heron - they can spot a camera being removed from a bag at two miles away - I swear!

  3. Hahaha! It's the same when you have a camera focused on them. How do they know? I bet you captured more than you know in the eye that's part of the largest face on the right. It looks like he's looking up at you...and I see love in that eye.

  4. I totally agree with Kelly and Gillian - you can see the love in those eyes, and that page is special in the way you put it together. Even my lethargic cat Molly knows when I start to sketch her, and chooses that moment to shift position. Argh!

  5. Tucker and Andi. That's two dogs. Any more? I hope it was just a checkup for Andi and that the doggy is okay.

    I don't know what it is with the animals but they seem to sense that we want to draw them and move or wake up and move almost every time. You know how they have speed reading? We need speed sketching! (Actually, Kate Johnson does have a class on that for download. I've been meaning to take it but since its work at your own speed I have been procrastinating)

  6. I don't know--it's some sort of extra sensory perception. Horses know when you're about to take their picture and they put their ears back so they look either cranky or like mules...

    Cute sketches, anyhow!

  7. I have often asked this question about Luna. She hates for me to stare at her as when I try to sketch her. Then I try to do it by remembering. Ha.. The sketch always resembles some dog I have never met. You would think as much as I do see her I could do it.

  8. My cats are like that whenever I get the camera out; poof, now you see 'em, now you don't.
    My dogs, on the other hand, would pose quite nicely for photos.

  9. LOL!! Highly entertaining post!

    RE: "how do they know".... I don't know- but I do well to even snap a photo of my kitties... much less do a drawing!

  10. I Skyped my dog from France but she would not look at the computer. She gave it one sniff and then looked away. It was quite funny.


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