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I went by one of my favorite Christmas shops yesterday, and look what I found–the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben! I always try to buy a couple of ornaments each year that represent the year's experiences - these are perfect, no?!!!

I think they are the perfect representation of Imaginary Trips and all the cool places I've been this year, the new friendships I've made and wonderful experiences I've had. When I came home, I carefully unwrapped the ornaments and put them on a small shelf in my office so my fuzz bugs (aka cats) wouldn't accidentally knock them down, over, or chew on the hanger cords. (Not that my little darlings would ever do anything like that, but accidents DO happen!)

My paint palette and waterbrush were up on the shelf for the same reasons. When I went to pick up the ornaments to take a photo for this post, I realized I had a perfect set up right where they were - in front of my travel guides, with my pocket palette and waterbrush–serendipity, you've gotta love her! She has such a sense of humor!

As an additional note, An Imaginary Trip to Paris and An Imaginary Visit to the Beach are now posted on the web site and OPEN for registration! The itinerary for England is on the table and being discussed - so many cool places to visit, so much to sketch and paint! It's really hard to decide and narrow it down! An Imaginary Trip to England is tentative scheduled to leave April 5th, and as always, I'll list it here when the registration is open! You can also check the web site, Imaginary Trips for more info on all the classes!

To latest edition of Imaginary Trips newsletter, Trav•e•logue, is also posted. If you would like to receive advance notice about class information, please send me an email by clicking on the button in the left hand column of the blog or visit the website!

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. The ornaments are so cute--and they look especially festive when snowed upon! You've sure been the busy beaver these days--maybe it will rub off on me.

  2. Fate, indeed! Right where they belong!

  3. What a little joy to see find this natural grouping. Pretty cute!

  4. ...Laure!! I LOVE your new banner. Mr. Rudolph is adorable...and the little snowflakes falling in your borders are so sweet. I'm so glad you found this set of ornaments. Serendipity is always so nice. I feel it's our Guardian Angles saying hi! Glad I was part of these classes...can't wait for the England trip!


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