Run, Rudolph, Run!!

11:39 AM

And what would Christmas be without our favorite reindeer, complete with lights and………

……a '52 Chevy Half-ton Pickup Truck?!?!!

In another lifetime, Chris and I were the proud owners of the Chevy pickup. Now, I will freely admit that anything within a 100 feet of me was subject to be decorated at the holidays. However, this was ALL Chris' doing! He may say "bah, humbug!" but on the inside he has the spirit. Especially if it's just a little off center or odd!

We used to have a great deal of fun riding around during the holidays with this get-up - we'd get waves, and horn honks, and a few shouts as well as the occasional odd look or double take. After all, it's not often you get to follow a deer butt down the road!


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8 Creative Thought(s)

  1. This is hysterical. I bet you wish each christmas that you had this get up.

  2. For the taxidermist who likes a challenge! :-) Love the deer and love the truck!!! Merry Christmas Laure!

  3. ....hahaha....I'm so glad you shared these photos. I love it! It's so you.......hysterical! You really added your fair share of Christmas Spirit to the season with that get up!

  4. That is the funniest thing! I'd love to follow that down the road if I had a car! lol

  5. Hi all, thanks for stopping by during your busy day!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Pixie!

  6. Wow - pretty unique and festive idea! I'm sure it brought many smiles!!

  7. Love it!!!

    Merry Christmas Laure!!

  8. oh, I think our husbands were separated at birth sometimes. First of all, I am so jealous - I want that truck!! Do you still have it? How fun it must have been to ride in it.

    Second, I can totally envision you and Chris riding in it with the reindeer on it. Lots of honks for sure!

    We have a vintage station wagon from the 70's - wood paneled even - and my husband has decorated "Connie" with reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose. So I can completely relate to your story here!


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