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Are you sure it's December? I know the malls are playing the Christmas music over and over, but they start that nonsense in October! I keep looking around for some indication that it really is December in the Ferlita household and, well, let's just say something's missing. As in decorations. As in festive plans. As in a clean house.

Bedlam and chaos rein supreme - the floor in Chris' studio is complete and his studio is about 50% reassembled. Disassembly of my studio is now underway with about 50% of the contents strewn about the house where Chris' things are not taking up space.

It's a bit disconcerting. Usually, the tree is up, the lights are up outside and the serious deep cleaning the house gets every year at this time is underway. Nada. Nothing. Zip. It's all you can do to walk in here! I'd be out of my mind to try and clean anything around here.

However, progress is being made although it is so slow that one would walk right past it and not see it! The card up above is a double ACEO 2.5 x 7 inches and it is all watercolor - even that cute little border! It's a favorite and so I thought I'd share!

Hope your season is suitably festive so far!!

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  1. I can't believe it's December either. I haven't done any decorating either, and I don't have the excuse of redoing a studio! I'm glad progress is being made for you, even if it is slow.

    Love your double ACEO!

  2. ...Laure...with all this weekend travel and work, we do not have one decoration up. Actually, we just hung an advent calendar in the kitchen and stockings over the fireplace, but that's it. Outside...I did get the lights up while it was warm a few weeks ago. It is just sad....hopefully this week we will find the time to spruce this joint up! :-) I love your cardinal-topped tree. It's so creative and as cute as can be!!

  3. I like the card. I hate having the house torn up but the end result will be worth the mess.

  4. The card is wonderful! When finished you will be so proud of your studios.

  5. I'm with you! Lights outside are up, but no other decorations. We usually put a huge Christmas village up too and I think I'll only do it for Troy's benefit. Just not in the Christmas spirit this year.

    On the other hand, your adorable card just might put me in the Christmas mood! Such lively colors!

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    Cheryl, maybe we just had to much fun with Autumn?!

    Kelly, I don't know how you find time to get any decorating done with your schedule!

    Lisa, I hope you're right!

    Thank you, Vicki, I hope so - right now it's complete chaos and it's getting old!

    Krista, it's not so much not having the spirit as I don't think there's room for it in here with all this mess! Soon mabye we'll see some serious progress! I can only hope!!

  7. Charming card, Laure! Love it. And you're not the only one who hasn't decorated yet--I just got home finally, and I've not started a bit. Maybe this weekend, or so I'm telling myself.

  8. Glad to know you've made it home, Sue! Maybe a small break before you enter the fray???

  9. Hi Laure, I love the snow and the pixie dust. Again you have made me smile. My computer has crashed and it doesn't make me feel good knowing that you are still working off of your crash so many months ago. My new computer makes it possible for me to keep in touch though. Have a great Holiday with or without decorations and a Wonderful Christmas day.

  10. Oh, Pat, hugs back to you! Those computers are crazy making things!! Happiest of Holidays for you and yours!!


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