Wandering Cherries

7:48 PM

If you've ever tried to paint cherries, or any fruit for that matter, then you know they're not flat on the bottom. This means they tend to wander off. Most annoying when they're in a line-up and posing for a painting. But I suppose they don't know that.

After setting up the cherries just thus and so today, I would sit down in my chair, get all ready to draw and . . . . . one of the cherries would get bored and roll off. Sigh. I would get back up and go put the cherry back, just thus and so, sit down and . . . . . another one would depart. After about the fourth time of this nonsense, I went and got my roll of double-sided sticky tape.

No more wandering cherries! I don't know who invented that stuff but it borders on magic. So there sat my perfect little cherries all in a row so that I could paint them for the new blog header! Tell me what you think of the new header! Do you like it? Yes? No? Tell me why!

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11 Creative Thought(s)

  1. I love all the changes you made here--I immediately noticed the blogger header, Laure--it's luminous! Yes! I like it! And I love the wording of your profile "welcome--" It speaks of your passion and hard work, and it's very touching. My eyes just keep meandering around here, and I'm thinking that has to be a good thing, right!? Congratulations--it looks great.

  2. ps
    Love the touch of the little ladybug.

  3. Yes, I like your new header. I like it because it has lots of color and the ladybug keeps it from feeling repetitive. I keep wondering what else might pop up out of the cherries.

  4. Thank you, Sue and Lisa! That makes me feel better! And I am so glad you like the ladybugs! Chris and I were just talking about a series of painting with a theme of "find the ladybug!"

  5. ...I loved the old header and I love the new header too! The little ladybug is cute and fun. You're always thinking!!

  6. I love the new header - it looks so fresh and reminds me of getting fresh cherries at a farmers market.

    I love the idea of a series of paintings with a 'find the ladybug' theme. That would be really neat!!

    In addition to loving the painting... your tale of the cherries rolling around while you tried to paint them made me chuckle. It made me think back many, many, many years ago to a reunion of our first childbirth class with a row of 6 month old rolly-polly infants lined up along a couch -- interesting what associations come up.

  7. I am away from my computer for a few days and look what you have been up to! Lovely new header!!! Everything looks great! Thanks for the helpful tip regarding double sided tape. Definitely a great idea for fruits and veggies in a still life. It is such a great idea that I shall mention it in my next newsletter - with credit to you of course! :-)

  8. Loving what you've done - the blog looks great! So clean, clear and unfussy. I really do have to change mine - it's like my home, totally cluttered with every single thing that takes my eye. Less is more, definitely. Very definitely.

  9. Ditto on Kelly.... I loved the old header... and love the new one too!

  10. The header's great; I especially like the variations of color in the shadows. I'm hoping to paint a header for my blog; you've given me inspiration! :) -- Steve


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