Going out on a Limb

10:04 PM

Rose WIP

Going out on a limb . . . . because I'm showing you this and I don't have much faith that it's going turn out well, but “they” say that's where the fruit is!! This is painted on handmade paper from a mill in Montreal, Quebec by the name of Saint-Armand. It is quite the intriguing surface - Chris said it look like balled up paper towels or tissue pressed flat. It reminds me of alligator skin - tough and leathery looking. But it's not tough!

I used a piece to play with before beginning this painting to see what I could and could not do with it. Tape tears the paper, but you can use masking fluid. Unfortunately, because the surface is so rough it is difficult to achieve any accuracy with the mask, so I'm having to do a lot of work to blend in the masked areas. It is very difficult to lift pigment without tearing the surface. Those leaves over there on the lower left - they're supposed to be white. Haven't quite decided how I'm going to fix that area, but I can assure you they won't be white because I can't get the pigment up!

The black background is there to show you the deckled edges. If this piece turns out, it would be lovely floated against a dark green background. I think if you click the image, you'll get more detail. But let's not get ahead of ourselves as this is just beginning and has a very long way to go. And I keep asking myself why I keep doing these nutty things. First Aquabord, now handmade paper. Don't think I'm going to ask what's next. Not sure I want to know!

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