It's Double-Bonanza Day!!

8:41 PM

Imagine my surprise and absolute delight when I received two blog awards today! Double Yippee Skippee!!!

The first award is from Lori of Twin Cedars Drawing Board. Lori is a very talented graphite and colored pencil artist who has just entered and been juried into her first art show earlier this year. Thank you, Lori!

The second award is from Soulbrush! Her blog is Soulbrush as well. She and I met in the ABC ATC trade group that I'm playing with! She is a wonderful ATC and collage artist and author of several blogs as well! Thanks so much, Soulbrush!

With these awards, I am suppose to tell you seven things you don't know about me and then pass on the award to seven others. So here we go . . .

1. I grew up in a family that grew strawberries here in Florida. My oldest brother still grows berries on a 95+ acre farm.

2. Strawberries are not my favorite fruit. In fact, I seldom eat them.

3. I don't watch television. I will occasionally watch a movie, but Chris has to step on my tail feathers to get me to sit down long enough to watch it. Once the movie starts, assuming it's any good, I'm okay.

4. I don't watch the news either. The media are not our friends. They're there to sell ads and they do that through negativity. "Catastrophic fire in New York today" sounds much better (to them) than "Old vacant, abandoned warehouse burns in New York."

5. I do listen to music and have it on all day long all over the house! Classical, jazz, rock, you name it!

6. I believe in Santa Claus!

7. I hate doing the laundry. No, actually, it's not doing the laundry, it's putting it all away (she says as she sits looking at a load that needs to be put away).

As to the seven people that are deserving of this award, in no particular order:
Claire from Claire's Sketchbook: she is a wonderfully talented artist, incredibly creative and so very honest about her struggles to paint and draw more.
Pat of Pat Reese Design: this woman is soooo talented and extremely prolific. Her talents are spread over a wide area of interests including gardening, landscape design, sketching, and painting just to mention a few.
Caroline of From the Studio: another fine artist that speaks frankly about her goals to improve and be her personal best.
Krista of Hope In Everyday: this lady has a lot going on and I admire her tenacity in refusing to allow art to slip away by keeping it front and center in her life!
Gabrielle of Inner Artist: Gabrielle has recently embarked on a journey (challenge) of completing 100 paintings in a year and has been so kind as to share her adventures on her blog.
Teresa of Teresa Mallen Studio: Teresa is a topnotch colored pencil artist and has recently had work juried into the CPSA International Exhibition showing in Atlanta.
Steve of Steve Penberthy's Adventures in Watercolor: I have just recently "met" Steve, but I am very impressed not only with his work but his willingness to share about his learning experiences and what he has learned.

These are just a few of the fantastic people out here in Blogland, and I encourage you to pay them all a visit as they all have talent in spades and are more than willing to share! Again, thanks to Lori and Soulbrush for the honor of these awards and for passing them on to me!

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Congratulations!! You are so talented, plus you are so nice--the best combination! How cool that you grew up on a 95-acres strawberry farm!! I love strawberries... (like you, I don't watch network news).

  2. Well deserved Laure, one of the wonderful things about the awards is sharing your favourite blogs with everyone and you've listed some I've not visited before so I'm off to meet them now!

  3. Laure, thanks so much for passing on the award! It was even more fun learning more about you. I don't watch TV either unless I'm drawing during it, and I abhor laundry. Luckily, my husband works from home, so he does the cleaning and laundry.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on your latest award. Your images are so lovely and deserving of this recognition. I really enjoy seeing your images and reading your reflections on your blog.

    Additionally, thank you so much for passing the award on to me. It certainly made my day!! I'm having so much fun this year with my sketching, painting, and blog. So many new adventures!

  5. Congratulations--your work is deserving of attention! No strawberries, eh? I love them. And movies, too. Laundry--well, I hear you there,...when I hate doing it, I tell myself I'm fortunate not to live where I have to scrub it against rocks in a river, and that makes me realize I don't have it so bad.


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