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Let me start this post out with a big thanks for all the kind comments and thoughts on the previous post with regard to my total backslide into deep water filled with piranhas (also known as insecurites)—your words meant the world to me! I have begun sketching on some of the wedding photos again, but so far, have not completed anything. I'll post when/if I get something together. Thanks also for the compliments of the wedding and for the well wishes for the lovely couple!

M. Graham Gouache and Copic Marker
on recovered paper
The sunflower above is gouache and Copic marker. It's the first time since art school that I've done a complete painting with gouache. I remember why too. As much as I love the effects you can get with the opacity of gouache, I absolutely LOVE seeing the transparency of watercolors more!

This is done on a piece of paper I salvage from the retreat package I received at Christine Kane's event last month. Hard to believe it's been a month already!

As for gouache, I think there's room in my world for this medium, I just don't think I'll be doing to many full paintings with it. This went quickly. It was complete in just one evening and it was fun to change gears from my usual medium to the gouache.

I love the creamy consistency of the M. Graham watercolors as well as the ability to mix just about any color you want from just the triad. The sunflower was painted with Hansa Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Ultramarine Blue and white.

If nothing else, switching to a new/different medium helps to remind you what it is that you love about your "regular" medium. For me, it usually knocks a little rust and sediment out of the crevices as well. Primes the pump for further adventures and creative pursuits.

Not sure what I'll try painting next, but I do want to play with the gouache a little more to see where it may be useful to me.

What new or different mediums have you tried lately?

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