Two "Poppy" Paintings!

7:37 AM

5" x 7" 
Watercolor and Gouache 
WN 140 lb. CP paper

Meet Poppy! Isn't she just a doll?! She lives with Laura over in the UK. Poppy is a Yorkie and Laura was kind enough to let me paint her lovely face! (If you click on Laura's name, it will take you to Laura's Flickr Photostream where the image I used to paint Poppy lives.) I have had the best time with this! My muse was so excited she was doing little pirouettes all around the studio.

This was painted entirely with a waterbrush. You can see the gouache most clearly at the top of her head in her white "bangs," however there are actually touches of gouache throughout the image. There are also touches of turquoise, purple, red, orange, blue and green.

The image above was painted in the morning. I kept thinking about it most of the day and finally decided to have another go.....
"Poppy, Fast and Loose"
5" x 7"
Watercolor and white ink
WN 140 lb. CP paper

This painting of Poppy was done in 45 minutes—top to bottom. I couldn't have done it that quickly without having created the first painting. This looks a bit more watercolor-y to me. Not as many color variations as the first portrait. There are touches of turquoise, purple and blue.

Not sure what to think about the white ink.....

Hmmmm, now I gotta go find something else to paint.....this was fun!!!!!!!!

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