I Crave Organization

1:00 PM

And no one could be more surprised to see that statement on my blog let alone in my head! However, there comes a point in time where enough is enough and I'm past that point! I crave organization and systems and a place for every blessed thing in my house (life) and every last one of those things in their places!! Arrrgh!

In true muse fashion, Sam (my muse's name for any new readers) has risen to the occasion and is trying to help me out by convincing me I need to (stop everything and) make a purse/tote for myself since I haven't been able one I'd have—regardless of price. Now don't get me wrong, my purse is another one of those areas desperately in need of some tender, loving organization, but it is a small area as compared to everything else.

Not to mention this will require copious amount of time I don't have, new material (her eyes just lit up!) and who knows what other paraphernalia. ("No, Sam, we do NOT need a new sewing machine!")


Still....she actually had me sketching out what I thought my ideal purse/tote would look like:

 This is based on my two current favorites that both have features and designs I like.

Then she wanted to go to JoAnn's to look at material. I told her no. She left in a huff.

Now maybe I can get the office cleaned.

That girl!!

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