Make Up Your Mind, Would Ya?!!

5:48 AM

Watercolor Sketch
5 x 7 inches, Cachet Sketchbook

While waiting for KJ at Panera's on Friday, I decided to sketch this lovely "Panera Palm" that sits majestically in the courtyard. (Not sure if the majestic come through in the sketch.) KJ and I had talked about sketching the tree the first time we met at Panera's back in September, but somehow we were/are always too busy gabbing to paint. 

So why do I need to make up my mind? Well, because....

Back near the beginning of the year, I quit carrying my sketchbook around so as to "lighten the load" on my shoulder and switch to a small(er) bag. I felt like I had everything and the kitchen sink in my bag and I decided that nonsense had to stop. I was starting to list to the right. Besides, does anyone need 4 different colors of lipstick, a lip gloss AND a tube of ChapStick when all they ever really wear is the ChapStick? So I switched.....

...and I missed my sketchbook. Or more correctly, I missed a couple of great sketching opportunities.

Next, I tried switching bags to find one that was just big enough. I felt like Goldilocks... all the bags I tried were either too big or too little, too heavy, the wrong shape, the wrong color.....none were just right. (Sometimes, I just wish I could carry a wallet in my back pocket like my husband does. Until I went to put on my favorite capris and there was NO pocket!) Okay fine, I thought. I'll do the next best thing. I decided small was the way to go. Really small. But that didn't work either.

I still missed my sketchbook. 

So, I gave up and gave in. Now I'm carrying a bigger bag than I've carried in quite a long time, except there's just nothing in it besides my sketchbook, kit and wallet. And the ChapStick. It's still waaaaaay too big, but at least I'm prepared to sketch at a moment's notice. And I'll have room to take home those bagels from my visit at Panera's!

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