I Heard "Last Call!"......

3:53 PM

.....just as I finished up on my quick sketch of this bridge in Snowdonia!* I ran for the bus just as they were about to close the doors and head to our next destination. This sketch was quick, down and dirty as we only stopped for about thirty minutes. But I had to try! The wildflowers and grasses are blooming like crazy and everything is so vivid! Can't wait to get to my room tonight and give this another (slower) try without rushing to keep up!

Watercolor Sketch in England Sketchbook
Approx. 8" x 6"

*I'm not really in Snowdonia**, even though I would love to be! I'm preparing for "An Imaginary Trip to England" and I do hope you'll join me! The ticket window will close tonight around midnight (EST), so hurry and grab your ticket before it's too late!! For more information, please click here

**Snowdonia is a region in the north part of Wales and a national park with 838 square miles. This area was designated a national park in 1951.

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