Introducing KJ!

6:39 AM

I wrote about a new friend I had "met" recently and how it seemed we had known each other forever. Well, that hasn't changed. We can walk into Panera's (our meeting place) and make 3 hours (or more) disappear just like that - poof!! KJ is a freelance writer among other things and she decided (with a little help from her new friend) that she ought to start a blog. "Wonderful idea!" I said.

I'd like to introduce you to KJ, also known as Kathy Johnson, and Catching Happiness! Kathy's a budding artist and a really fun person to spend time with. Her outlook on life is uplifting and I enjoy her company immensely - I'm sure you will to! Please do stop by, check out the blog, leave her a comment and welcome her to the blogosphere!

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