A Day At The Beach

9:32 AM

I forgot to post about our trip to the beach! This was actually two weekends ago, before the trip to the mountains. The day was wild and windy as we had a front moving in. We'd had rain off and on for a couple of days before we got out to the beach. It was a gorgeous day - if you don't mind 45 mile an hour gusts and overcast skies. It tends to make it a little chilly out on the water but all the better if you ask me!

Late day sun trying to break through

Waves breaking on the rocks.
The rocks are man made and placed in strategic locations to help stop shore erosion.

The calm within - a small pool of water captured with the rocks with some shells help captive.

Sea Oats blowing with the wind to keep from breaking.

There are over a dozen birds in this image. Can you find them all?
I have left the image large so that you can click on it to get a better view.

There is something very cleansing about a day at the beach when the wind is up and the clouds are racing by. It is hard to stay myopically focused on internal issues when Nature is putting on such a glorious show––as long as you don't mind the sand-abrasion exfoliation provided by Mother Nature. (I had on capris that day and my ankles are much smoother! ;•) Days like this tend to blow the "cobwebs" out of my mind and sweeps my pent-up worries and cares out to sea.

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