She Returns!

3:48 PM

She, the Domestic Goddess, has returned!! She has been rather scarce around here of late, but yesterday, she came back. She made a pot roast, beef veggie soup and a big, big pot of spaghetti sauce for the cool winter evenings soon to come. Yummm!

As we sat eating some of the soup last night for dinner, I tried to explain to my husband that we needed to sing the goddess' praises and flatter her, or it might be a while before we saw her again. He really didn't take me seriously which will explain why we won't be seeing her again for a while. Silly man!

I must say her soup was exquisite. A while back she told me to take any dabs of left over veggies, rice, tomatoes, etc. and to put them in a big container in the freezer and when it was full, she would appear and make the soup. Well, being the busy person that I am (apparently a little on the silly side myself), I didn't get around to it for a while, and the container just filled up this past weekend.

As I stood there looking at all that frozen "stuff" and thinking to myself, "now what?" Poof! She appeared! The goofy illustration is part of my heartfelt thanks and shameless homage (ploy) to entice her to come back and play at my house again - very soon!!

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